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Blais Law Associates, with main offices located in Providence, RI, has the resources, knowledge and aggressive character to provide you and your family with top rated legal representation in DUI matters.  All associates, located in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, are experienced trial attorneys whom have handled a variety of misdemeanor and capital felony cases.  Our Motto, "Before Juries, In All Matters", assures our clients that without exception, should we be required to try any matter before a jury, that any such trial will be handled expertly, and with great background and experience, necessary to persuade a jury of innocence, "beyond a reasonable doubt".   Attorney Blais is a former Chief Legal Counsel for a Public Utility and former Legal Counsel for a Municipality.

Gary E. Blais has successfully handled serious felonies, misdemeanors, and countless traffic infractions:

1.      Property Crimes and Thefts

2.      Drug Crimes

3.      Crimes of Violence

4.      Sex Crimes

5.      Robberies, Burglaries & Kidnappings

6.      Complex Frauds

7.      Internet & Cybercrimes

8.      Drunk Driving, Traffic, DWLR & DMV Hearings

Mr. Blais has defended people accused of rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, assaults, domestic violence, frauds and embezzlement, robbery, drug trafficking, conspiracies, bank and wire fraud, thefts, and Driving While Impaired (DWI, DUI, Drunk Driving).


Charges:  Home Invasion/Kidnapping/Armed Robbery/Aggravated Assault:  Client charged with numerous felonies.  2nd time offender.  Two alleged victims identify client in Line-up.  Client criminal history of violence, Possession of narcotics, strong arm robbery.
Result: Prior to Trial Motions to Suppress partially granted.  Final disposition. Simple Trespass; Assault and battery, Larceny.  One year to serve, ten (10) years suspended sentence.

Charges: Aggravated Assault/Assault with a Deadly Weapon/Felony domestic assault.  Client accused of strangling wife with electrical cord of the bedroom alarm clock, and beating her causing severe injuries.  Police pick up client within three (3) hours of alleged crime.  Client provides admission against his penal interest.  Alleged victim recovers.
Results after Trial:  Client acquitted of all charges.

Charges:  Intent to distribute more than 1 kilogram of cocaine/Possession of more than one (1) ounce of cocaine.  Client observed at Commonwealth Interstate rest area upon anonymous tip of dealing large quantities of drugs.  Police set-up "stake-out" and witness transaction with 3rd party.  Client arrested at gunpoint by Commonwealth State and local police. However, alleged confederate third party escapes immediate "at scene" arrest.  Client alleged found with over one (1) ounce of cocaine in possession upon arrest and Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) Dollars in U.S. Currency at scene.  Client, although having a life-long criminal history, including several prior charges upon capitol offenses and after several incarcerations with a combined total of over twenty-five (25) years, is released on bail prior to trial after hearing.  Sixty Thousand ($60,000.00) Dollars found in possession of the client is also returned to client at hearing.
Results: All charges dismissed at trial.

Charges:  Possession of marijuana:  Client leaves local bar and is alleged to have been smoking "blunt" with another individual.  Undercover officers approach client and after chase arrest him for possession of the "blunt" which was discarded before arrest and possession of a few grams of marijuana on his person.
Result:  Client receives filing (no criminal conviction) and immediate expungement upon performing community service.

Charges:  OUI/Possession of open containers of alcohol in a motor vehicle.  Client leaving Laconia yearly Motorcyle Rally, and at high rate of speed uses breakdown lane of Interstate 95 to pass all traffic backed-up before the Interstate toll booth.  Client arrested by New Hampshire State police for OUI and possession of open containers of alcohol at scene  Client's livelihood as truck driver requires a CDL permit to maintain employment.  Client faces permanent loss of CDL and up to one (1) year incarceration.
Results after trial:  Client acquitted of all charges.

Intent to Commit Murder/Assault with a Deadly Weapon/Felony Domestic Assault/Felony Trespass/Criminal Threatening:   Client charged with stabbing former partner with knife in domestic altercation.  Alleged Victim hospitalized and in Intensive Care for days.  Client allegedly appeared at boyfriend's home and confronted him with information about another women whereupon assault occurred.  She provides confession to a municipal New Hampshire Police Department. Afterwards Police obtain search warrant, upon later hearing, Motion to Suppress Statement and evidence granted.
Result:  Day of Trial; Case Dismissed

Conspiracy to Commit Forgery/Larceny/Violation of Federal Counterfeiting Law/ Possession of Counterfeit Credit Card Blanks/ Possession of Counterfeiting Machinery/Possession of Stolen Goods (300 Cartons of Cigarettes-10 VHS machines)-Possession of Burglary Tools.  Clients pulled over and apprehended upon policeman's suspicion of criminal activity while operating a work Van in MA.  Upon arrest, local police call United States Secret Service. Counsel appears that evening confronts Police and Secret Service.  Faulty crime scene and investigative Techniques, much evidence of alleged crime and other indicia of counterfeiting crime suppressed prior to trial.
Result:  Suspended sentences on Larceny charge only.  No jail time. 

5th Driving While Intoxicated Charge-Commonwealth of Massachusetts:  Client found inebriated and unconscious behind wheel of vehicle in Attleboro, MA.  Mandatory 2 1/2 to 5 year sentence to serve upon conviction, lifetime loss of license privileges.
Result:  Day of Jury Trial:  5th offense reduced to 2nd Offense. Five years probation, suspended sentence, in-house alcohol rehabilitation at Commonwealth facility for ten (10) days.  No jail time. Driving privileges suspended for five (5) years, however, post conviction, at hearing drivers' license returned after only two year suspension.
Possession with intent to distribute 1 Ounce to 1 kilogram of Cocaine:  Client in bar where State and Local authorities  conduct raid of premises.  Client alleged found to be in possession of large quantity of cocaine.  Confidential informant tip alleged corroborated by raid evidence.  Alleged Third offense of possession of narcotics. Client held without bail.
Result:  Day of Trial: Intent to distribute dismissed. Simple possession of cocaine levied upon plea, client receives 10 year suspended sentence, no further jail time as client receives credit for time served prior to trial.
6th OUI Offense-Commonwealth of Masschusetts: Client alleged found operating vehicle in Attleboro, MA.  Driving down wrong side of Main Street.  Other occupants in vehicle.  Client alleged cannot perform or stand to perform Field Sobriety Testing by Police. Charged with 6th offense Operating while intoxicated which carries 5 to 10 year mandatory jail sentence, $50,000.00 fine.  Client suffering from many health related issues.  Client receives, after hearings, "at-home" confinement for 11 months.  During "at-home" confinement Client fails Court ordered daily random telephone "breathilyzer" test, upon a recorded reading of .41.  Client brought in for violation, violation dismissed after hearing.
Result:  Charges reduced to 2nd offense.  Client serves 1 year, released after nine (9) months.

Charges: Client found unresponsive with motor vehicle running at busy municipal intersection.  Police remove client from vehicle and find large rock of "crack" cocaine in his pocket after "pat-down".  Third possession offense, with other prior DUI charges.

Result: Three (3) years probation, suspended sentence, drug counseling, and no jail time.

Charges: 1st degree sexual assault; Aggravated assault:  Client accused of luring woman into his apartment, then beating her and raping her.  Alleged victim eventually escapes and flees taking client's motor vehicle.  Shortly thereafter she crashes the vehicle and police respond to accident.  Client arrested, held without bail on the 1st degree charges.

Results: At pre-trial evidentiary hearing alleged victim effectively cross-examined by counsel and she contradicts prior statements made to police.  Second day of hearing prosecution dismisses all charges against client and he is released.

Charges:  Client accused of breaking and entering  with intent to commit felony assault.  Alleged victim receives injury requiring medical attention. 

Result:  Plea of simple criminal trespass and simple assault. One year probation, One year suspended sentence, restitution and no jail time.



Thank you Gary for the hard diligent work and attention you applied to my case.  The results were far greater than I hoped for prior to meeting you.  This a testament to your experience and ability as a DUI attorney.  Also the fact that your fee structure was far more reasonable than other lawyers I called helped my situation immensely.  Again Thanks. L.R. & J.R.
My family has been using Gary Blais’  services for many years and so have I and every time I am in need for his services I am more than satisfied in more ways than words could ever say.  Mr. Blais’ gives his all in every matter even if its just a phone call to put your mind at ease. This man is Quick.  Always Moving, fast Working and will all ways give you his all in every case that is presented to him. J.L.

My attorney was Gary Blais and from our very first coffee house meeting he listened to each and every comment I made. He sensed what was core to my position and managed what was anger, frustration and exasperation. When appropriate he coached, when reasonable he allowed me to lead, and when necessary he provided a calming demeanor. Gary kept me informed of every risk, every option, and every advantage. He was a skillful chess master and maneuvered our case through the many bluffs and traps that characterize contentious legal situations. In retrospect, I find that his guile and professionalism are serving me far better today, then I realized a few years back. I would heartily recommend Gary and his team to anyone.  R.T. 

Our clients are engineers, teachers, lawyers, students, construction workers, businessmen and women, husbands, wives, mothers, sons & daughters. People like you who need vigorous and professional criminal defense.

In some cases Mr. Blais has been able to win dismissals or deferral programs.  In other cases, we've dramatically reduced punishments. And in still other cases, we've suppressed evidence police have gathered through illegal searches. While each drug case is different, and no guarantees can be made, we work our hardest to achieve excellent results.


FACTS!  1) The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test (checking for distinct involuntary deviation of the eye when observing "slow and fast" eye movements in following a hand held object), as part of the Field Sobriety Test (FST's), is an accurate indicator of intoxication? ANSWER: FALSE!  The HGN test has been determined by medical experts to NOT be an accurate indicator of intoxication, particularly when not performed under controlled medical conditions, i.e. by a Physician with a protractor; and particularly when conducted by untrained medical personnel, i.e. a Police Officer in the Field; The HGN test cannot be used to provide sole proof of an Officer's belief of intoxication, as illnesses such as influenza, streptococcus infections, measles, arteriosclerosis, MS, Motion Sickness, tobacco addiction, sunstroke, even ordinary eyestrain and at least One Hundred other conditions can cause involuntary eye movement deviation; 2) That the "one size fits all" Field Sobriety Tests, and the national use of the Intoxilyzer 5000 breathalyzer as an accurate indicator of alleged intoxication are UNCONTESTABLE?  ANSWER: FALSE:  Imbalance during an FST can be attributable to numerous medical conditions; A) prior trauma to inner ear; B) prior head trauma; C)  vertigo; D) epilepsy; E) limb, spine or nerve damage; and many more afflictions.  As to the Intoxilyzer 5000, it is medically proven fact that certain individuals would normally show a greater BAC content after consuming the same amount of intoxicants as another person, when taking the breath test if they suffer from one of numerous conditions, including but not limited to the following; A) Diabetes; B) Obesity; C) those who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery; D) those who suffer from respiratory ailments; and the list goes on!  CALL 800-KICK DUI

Our Associates practice within the State of Rhode Island, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of New Hampshire.  Our fees are competitive and for most clients, the savings we produce by expediting and being experienced in conducting all hearings and trials, are proven dependable, time and again.  We encourage our clients to engage in open communications with our Associates and Staff, and every telephone call made to our firm is returned upon the same day.  Let us "Leave no stone unturned", in your defense, and upon your behalf, and allow our firm to provide you with the confidence in knowing that very experienced and caring trial counsel sits with you at every hearing and legal event.


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