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Sumter, FL, 34785
I have recieved 5 dwi`s all in Vermont state lost my lience for life 6 years ago I recently found out that Vermont now has a retricted lience with a interlock ,I was woundering if I could get my revoketion taken away and apply for a Florida lienc or some kind of lience to help my elder parents out.

Calcasieu, LA, 70601
Need to talk to someone A.S.A.P

Jones, GA, 31032
21 yr. old male. first offense- DUI and failure to maintain lane don't think he took a breathalizer

Elko, NV, 89801
1st offense

Camden, GA, 31569
I was sitting in room thinking about the test. The machine timed out and I was unable to take test again

Houston, GA, 31093
Got a DUI

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Randolph, IL, 62286
Hello, I live and work in joliet, il. I was in sparta visiting my family and friends and ran into a ditch on my way home from the tavern. I was cited for failure to reduce speed and DUI. The incident was at 0202hrs 6 april 2012. I was transport to Randolph county in chester by the county sheriff, booked and released. i have no prior convictions, my DL # is IL L341-5206-0079. I am retired Army and would like to know if you will be able to assist me in this matter. Thank you

Labette, KS, 67357
I was sleeping in my truck on the side of a gravel road. Ignition off, lights off. I was told that I have 10 days to request the officer to appear on my court date? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cook, IL, 60652
got dui1995no tookcarecare of it now i lost my job of20years need hardship then i can get job back

Mountrail, ND, 58763
Truck driver, parked in personal vehicle, not driving, arrested for DUI.

Riverside, CA, 92509
Police unit saw me leaving the parking lot of a sports bar & grill and got behind me and followed me for close to 3 miles before pulling me over for minimum speed law and asked me to do a field sobriety test ( which I thought I passed) but he said I failed and advise he did not have a breathylizer that we would have to go down town for one, then when nurse arrived she took blood. I was given a temporary license and released.

Salt Lake, UT, 84107
pulled over for speeding. Did a sobriety test. booked for dui and speeding. BAC= .156

Anchorage, AK, 99540
Need asscentents

Hawaii, HI, 96750

Linn, OR, 97321

Bell, TX, 76541
I been charge with dwi after i was told to walk back to my car then told to show proof of registration insurance then i was told to sit in my car after that they pull me and gave me a dwi my keys where in my pockets i was three cops around my vehiacle one was blocking my pasaget side door of my honda coope

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Kern, CA, 93311
I got pulled and got dui

Leake, MS, 39051

Riverside, CA, 92225
i got a dui on dec 16 2011. i have a second court date on mar.7 2012

Rockingham, NC, 27320
DUI from 1995...would like to get NCDL back...ASAP

Los Angeles, CA, 90045
Got a Misd DUI on Friday night. I am really afraid abd do not know what to do. I am not a criminal just a bad situation.

Strafford, NH, 03878
I got a DUI on Feb 3rd, The cops are harassing me again, I was with my friend Bill Mon Feb 27th night and Bill was pulled over because the State Trooper saw me. He then tried to arrest me, When I went to court the cop told the judge I blew a 1.7 on the Breathalyzer test when I didn't I blew a 1.2, a 1.7 is an Aggravated DUI and is a Felony of 1 year in jail. I WAS NOT drunk when he left the bar and wasn't swerving, I passed the field sobriety test but failed the breathalyzer. The judge is trying to put me in jail for a year, I WAS NOT swerving that night nor slurring my speech and I need a GOOD LAWYER cus the state of NH is trying to Screw me OVER. I have NO IDEA how I'm gonna prove the cops are harassing me, They had pulled me over for a supposed suspended license but when I called the DMV they said it was a mistake they made and reinstated my license. Had they not pulled me over for that I would never have gotten a DUI, they're trying to find ways to arrest me and put me in jail for a year. I'll loose my job and everything else, I need to go to Illinois in May to do a job if I go to jail I won't be able to and I plan on moving with my friend Becky soon after that job is done

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