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Citrus, FL, 34448
Second offence. First offence was 21 years ago. I did not do the breatalizer test and on my ticket it says no video on the field sobriety test. I need to beat this charge.

Belknap, NH, 03247
I was charged with a dwi on 1/20/2012

Belknap, NH, 03247
I was charged with a dwi on 1/20/2012

Barren, KY, 42167

Adams, MS, 39120
on social security

Pasco, FL, 33542
Driving 50mph in 45 zone rearended another car and turned into a 3 car collision. 1st time offender

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Dillingham, AK, 99576
On December 22, 2011, I had gotten my 3rd DUI in the village of Iliamna, AK. I do have a public defender, and he is not telling me anything about this. I understand that this is my 3rd DUI, and therefore, a felony. But, that is the extent of my knowlede on this, I so desperatally am looking for a good lawyer to help me to understand.

Carroll, TN, 38344
refuse to take blood after i took my son home to his mother was stoped and accused of running another car off the road but did'nt

Allegheny, PA, 15037
my permanent address is near Elizabeth, PA but I travel and I'm away most of the time for work After drinking with a friend at a bar I chugged my last mixed and the departed, latter on my way home I realized that I was to intoxicated to drive any farther and pulled of the road way, I believe my car was in park although the police report specifics differently(there is a mechanical problem some times in the auto shifter). my car was running it was a cold night. neighbors close to where parked called the Elizabeth bough police. I was a sleep when they arrived. I awoke moments later to the prompting. I had trouble finding my ID, I was asked to preform 3 sobriety tests of witch one I told them i was unable to preform the 6 in leg lift, I have knee trouble that the cold exacerbates. then I was taken to the local hospitable were three vials of blood was taken. the preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wen. Feb. 22 2012. the charge is 75 3802A1 when I was 22? I was charged with a DUI but went threw the ARD program and there was no conviction

San Juan, NM, 87410
First dui and I dont want to do anytime. Is their away you can help me?

Columbus, NC, 28456
out of state suspended licence, DE. date unknown. i need licence for work, take my children to school and family doctor, grocery

Surry, NC, 27017
I come from a poor family & made a mistake that I deeply regret. Im in the process of moving to Orlando, FL on March 3rd for a job. My court date is Feb. 27th. I just want to get all this behind me!

Roanoke City, VA, 24014
Pulled over 10am, I didn't drink or take any drugs that morning. Didn't blow anything, took blood test, results not back yet. I have a benzo the night before.

Los Angeles, CA, 90011
Mannnn tanks 4 lying against whitey changin dah numbahs so we looks lik a nority ween we outnumgbah be4 we start de sheet. Wil ya hep me hump r gal mudonnah?

Frederick, MD, 21705
did test

Snohomish, WA, 98037
3rd dui and probation violation. Court is on 1/11/12 at Lynnwood Municipal.

New Haven, CT, 06510
I live in MA, but was lost looking for tweed airport in New Haven. I took an exit to find a sobriety check point. I have had the flu for the last week and have been out sick from work. I looked as bad as I was feeling. I was told to pull over, so I did. I was asked to step out the vehicle and proceeded to follow instructions. I walked the line as best as I could with my boots. I took them off but my feet were hurting. (I do believe I performed quite well.) by now I was quite frustrated as I was not going to get to the airport and could not reach my teenage son to inform him. At this point I had been placed under arrest. I ended up refusing the breathalyzer. I had been sucking down cough drops and had taken both day and NyQuil for flu symptoms. I am uncertain if that was the wise thing to do, but I was anxious, nervous, and worried about my son.

Carson City, NV, 89711
X00662403 I had 1.5 12 oz beers and 2 shots of crown and was immediately handcufffed and force to take a breathlizer and booked all within 30 minutes of time.

Macoupin, IL, 62626
Will be in court today at 9am.

Autauga, AL, 20740
need local dui lawyer list

Pinellas, FL, 33764
I am a lawyer just checking this site out

Jefferson, PA, 15851
driving while operating privelege is suspended or revoked, under dui from 2004, please call instead of email

Johnson, MO, 64093
This is for my step-son; I'm just questioning things while possibly searching for an experienced DUI attorney. Firt off, my step-son received a DUI in about 1984 as a 16 year old. Another between 1999 and 2001, not sure when it was. A few days ago, while riding his motorcycle, he was involved in a single accident. He believed a vehicle pulled out in front of him, he hit his brakes and went into the ditch, tumbling many times and injuring himself. In the ambulance, they did not administer him a breath analyzer or blood test; a blood test was performed about 4 hrs later at the hospital. We are still waiting on any summons in the mail. One additional problem is a witness. The witness is a police officer who claims he heard the motorcycle coming, then heard it decellerating, sliding sideways, then flipping over and over in the ditch. I spoke to him, and he mentioned that he was a trained "observer" and their was not a vehicle anywhere near him. I don't believe that. I know for fact that there are test that are given to evaluate their perception and most of the do or don't see things that are or aren't in the visual presentations. The measurable skidmarks in the gravel on the side of the road are 36" before the ditch; speed limit is 35 MPH. IF he had anythin to drink, we are hoping that it was diluted enough or out of his system from the fluid they injected him with during the approximately 4 hrs before the blood test. Based on this information, do you have an opinion of what may happen? 1) 1984, 2) 2000, 3) unknown at this time. I know the max can be $5 ears , or $5,000 or both, but what do you think? He works for the city of Warrensburg, married, 2 children, 6 1/2 and 3 1/2; no other arrests. THank you.

Horry, SC, 29526
I was arrested on Saturday for DUI by SC State Police. I was traveling back to GA. I agreed to blow but did not show a reading. I had drinks but feel I was not over the limit. I passed the two tests when pulled over.

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