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Terrebonne, LA, 70363

Nevada, CA, 95959
Why is my case on your web site?

Ellis, KS, 67601

York, PA, 17408
pulled over failed the field sobriety test, got blood work done and it came back 0.06, i was on medication and have the prescriptions, they forgot to test for that when doing my blood work so now i am getting charged for substance abuse also. the threw out my blood work and can not not prove anything except i had a 0.06 level

Washington, PA, 15022
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Porter, IN, 46368
I was arrested for OWI in Portage, IN with a blood alcohol level of 0.16%. This is my first offence and have had a clean record prior to this arrest.

Franklin, PA, 17201
I was charged with dui and I have a public defender who is not doing anything for my case he had made a plea agreement for my case in which the da agreed to allow house arrest at time of plea and when I went for sentencing then the da denied it and my po didn't say anything

San Diego, CA, 92111
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Cherokee, NC, 34761
i need a very good criminal defense attorney who specializes in death cases. my freind was charge with dwi and death by motor vehicle. she is from florida and out on bond living and wirking in northcarolina

Washington, PA, 15022
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Northumberland, PA, 17851
daughter was cited with a dui,she is 20

Dodge, WI, 53032
Hello.. I'm moving from PA to WI. I will become a WI resident. My driver's license is suspended in PA. Can I obtain a WI OLL license? Please advise asap.

Autauga, AL, 977
how much tax is needed for normal country?

Autauga, AL, ?
doctors say i have some memory loss, i honestly can remember every thing except how to draw a clock

Weld, CO, 80631
i got a ticket for dui careless driving unattended vehical i cant remember any of that night i dont know if it was when i hit my head or for being to drunk but i cant remember any of it just remember getting out of the er

Rockingham, NC, 27326
questunable equimpemt calabrated 8/27/2011 blew 1.8

Whiteside, IL, 61270
Pulled over in morrison il for speeding 82 in a 65. Officer found cannabis paraphanalia and cannabis(no liqour) Officer asked when i smoked cannibis last i said 8-10 hours prior. He then proceded to administer the sobriety test(which i passed) his only findings were my pupils were dialated. Im currently on medication that dialates pupils i also wear contacts. Officer arrested me and took me in to get booked. I then submitted a drug test (he said if i refused it was addmittance to guilt) i posted bond immediatly and was released. My court date is oct 13.

San Diego, CA, 92111
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Haywood, NC, 28716
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Houston, GA, 31088
01. Failure to yield right of way-entering/crossing rd. 02. DUI of Alcohol

Autauga, AL, +855
I want to change my work. now i work in organization doing with women and children related to law and my position is legal assistant.

Clermont, OH, 45150

Washington, PA, 15022
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Maricopa, AZ, 85297
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Rutland, VT, 05001
Recived a Dui on 8/28/11. Was not read rights when cuffs were first put on, but when I was inside the station. Blew a .146. Should I request a hearing to argue suspension of license? Given field test as well but was wearing sandals at the time which made it difficult to do tests as they kept slipping off my feet. Officer wrote in the report that I was very polite and coopertive and that he would let the judge know this. What else should I be doing, is it possible to no have my license suspended? This is my first time ever being arrested, I have no past criminal record.

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