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Montgomery, IL, 62075
count 1 dui/alcohol count2 dui alcohol/drugs

Kent, MI, 49548
I have a couple duis from 2005 looking to get my license back..

Boone, AR, 72601
19 yr old son got DUI .02

Yellowstone, MT, 59044
DUI 4th. Date of arest. November 2009. Case has been continued since the arrest. Out on bail at this time. Doctors statements saying that this could be a life sentence if treatment for a chronic illness is stopped or interrupted. August 22 is the trial no no blood, alcohol test was administered and I Refused to talk to the police from that point on. I have the worse public defender a person could have. No calls back on a timely basis.

Harrison, WV, 26201

Delta, CO, 81416
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Deschutes, OR, 94401
i live in washington and i am not sure how i should handle this as i really cant afford to have this on my record as i have never had one so if you could please tell me how to handle this i would be appreciate it.

Otsego, NY, 13348
Aggravated DWI on 7/21/11. I was driving to neurologist when I was stopped by police because driver behind me called them because I was weaving. I am diabetic & was looking in purse for something to eat...I don't knopw how trhey could have come up with a breathalizer of 2.0...I only had a small screwdriver while I was getting ready + my medications. I MUST have this charge dismissed...I have already had enough problems in the past several years....I can't have this hanbging over my heaad as well. I am a widowed, disabled 58 year old woman who lives alone with my dog. I have no family or friends in the area. I am all alone...due to many betrayals over the years. I have not seen any attorneys listed in my area....Oneonta or Cooperstown NY. I have my first court date coming on Wednesday of this week, the 10th. I am hoping to have this date postponed until I find an attorney. I live on a fixed income...SSI, SSD & a Veteran's Pension (through my deceased husband). I hope you can help me. Thank You.

New York, NY, 10045
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Moody, SD, 57028
Went to SD to the Casino with friend had a couple drinks in minnesota, 2 beers in Flandreau waited 3 hours before leaving after last drink. Left casino, friend said set cruise at 25 because that was the speed limit which I did, officer stated I left going 33 in a 25 mile zone. He stated right after pulling out of the casino that is how fast I was going. I drove about 7 more blocks, he pulled me over tested asked if I had anything to drink that night, I told him a couple of beers at the casino and hadn't drank for 3 hours. He tested me, stated I was over the limit and charged me. took blood work, I do not know what the reading was. retest on breathalizer about 1 hour later and I was a .07, 15 minutes later a .05. This is my 1st offense ever, and I am 62, used to work at a Police department in marshall as dispatch years ago. Was there for 9 years. I am sick to my stomach and do not know what to do. Officer stated he had not had any sleep for 2 days and 2 nights and was tired of waiting with me at the station until my ride came. I there anything I can do.

Troup, GA, 30240
I receintly moved to Georgia, huge mistake and nothing but trouble has occured. On june 6 I was pulled over because my tag said Alabama and when I explained to him I had just relocated he then went on to say he pulled me over cause i swirved. Following that he asked if I had been drinking and I said no I was on my way to drop off job resume's then he proceeded to ask if I was on any medication. I didn't want to lie and explained I was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and Klonopine for sleep which at that point his assuptions changed and proceeded to say I must be driving intoxicated from drugs. I ended up going to jail with a tag violation and a DUI charge which I had not consumed any meds prior to that night. Well, yesterday I was driving around attempting to learn my way around Goergial when my car hit a massive sheet of gravel that as a result caused me to reck and end up struggling to get out. No witnesses just me so I went to the closest neighbor to ask if I could call the police and when they arrived they again asked if I had been drinking or taking drugs and again I told them i hadn't been drinking and had only taken the drugs prescribed to me. Next thing I know I am being charged with yet another DUI and on top of that he gave me a ticket for weaving and failure to maintain in the right lane. How did he know I was in the opposing lane when he was not anywhere around until I called him. Common sense to me says if I was guily of such charges I would have never had the mindset to call any police force. So now within a month I am being charged with two DUI's, tag violation and lane violation. This hardly seems fair and I have no idea what to do. Please help me!

Allegheny, PA, 15203
Penn Dot suspension.

Allegheny, PA, 15203
I need a Nunc Pro Tunc, if applicable, applied to my year's suspension. I am not looking to get any time shaved off of the suspension. I just need the time effective of the suspension moved back a month. I have contacted a few lawyers, including the one that helped me with the DUI and no one wants to take on PennDot for the issue. Any help in pointing me to the right place would be much appreciated.

Coos, OR, 97465
I was arrested 7/22/11 on suspected of driving under the influence. I refused the breath test and subsequently charged with refusing the test and driving under the influence...I now have to court appearances, one in Port Orford and one at Gold Beach....What's next

Maricopa, AZ, 85201
Arrested for driving under the influence first time offender

Grant, NM, 88061
am i allowed to know blood draw results for alcohol

Fayette, IL, 62471
accident on 12/01/2010 violations: -DUI -Unlawful use of a firearm -Fatigue Driving -Falsifying Logbook -Unlawful Lanechange I was trying to avoid hitting a deer in the road on a two lane HWY. I was the only vech in sight. I slowed down and began to get over into the right lane which was the on coming lane to avoid the deer. I hit a patch of black ice and put my trackter trailer into the ditch. Only damage that was done was that I broke my driver's mirror. I have never had any kind of accident before. Help was on the way. I call my dad who was a 30yr veteran of over the raod driving to see what else that i can do. I was alert and awake. Just shaken up. went to hospital to be checked out and was given a shot of a narcodic for pain in my left ankle. I over exserted my ankle in the accident. The state trooper said that I was in conheirant and shouldn't have been driving. I was also taking medicine that main funtion is to control seiztures. I suffer from PTSD and this medicine is prescribe to me to control my mood. it is also a mood stabalizer. Also, I had hydrocodone in the vech and a form of volume with me as well. Both are a controlled sustanse and both are prescribed to me. I have been cleared by the doctor that had given me the DOT physical, the company drug testing doctor. I have been takeing the medicine, precribed, under the care of the Veterans Hospital for at least 1 1/2 yrs prior to driving and some of them if not longer then 5yrs. I have got letters from both my primary care and my physcytrist and both are willing to testify for me that my medicines have no effect on or impaired my driving. i'm asking for help that with being able to make payments. as of right now they have taken my CDL and all my endorcments that i have worked hard for. they have even taken my regular driving lic. I'm an ex-Veteran who has served mored then 7 yrs and has fought in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Irqi Freedom. I trained and lived to fight and take lives. Now i'm a volunteer fire fighter who wants to save lives and help people. I can't even do that because they took away the right for me to drive. Just the other day I had to wait on a driver so we could go and save a 2 1/2 yr old from drowning. She lives today only a week after her accident. if i didnt have a ride. the little girl might not have made it.

Hardin, IA, 50627
My Son was in Eldora Iowa this past weekend he got pulled over at 1:00 or 1:30 am on Sunday Morning and was charged with open container and drunk driving this is his second offence the first time was August of 2005 in Iowa City. he lives in Des Moines. I don't know all the paticulars on why he was stopped. At this point I'm looking to see if I could get an estimate to retain an Attorney.

Swift, MN, 56215
first offense; first reading breath test .00; second test .17; Not allowed to leave station even when brother came to get me; 4th degree DWI ticket.

Cook, IL, 60426
DUI with only one ticket...Breathalizer test not taken...

Harrison, MS, 39501
is my first dui and i think is not realy dui couse i didnt been drunk was 4 july and i been drink like one drink if you can call me please i have more to say

Cook, IL, 60631

New York, NY, 10022
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Duval, FL, 32210
Interseted in finding out if a midemeanor dui conviction 20 years old in another state is legal for use in a lifetime suispension

Erie, OH, 44870

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