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Price, WI, 54555
1st OWI . I refused the breath test

Camden, NJ, 08084
I got arrested for a DUI on Saturday night (5/14/11). I blew a .22 on the breathalizer. I dont have much money, but if we can work out a payment plan, I can comply.

Daviess, KY, 42301

Prentiss, MS, 38829
Yes sir, i was in a car wreck april 7, 2010 it was me and my boyfriend justin warren.... we where both injry in the wreck yet prentiss county police department is doing everything in their power to lock him up, and they even went to the point of threating me the victim as they call me they told me if i didnt write a statement against him that i would go to jail and they would take my children... And now they are trying to give him life in prison, Please can you help me i dont know what to do???

San Juan, CO, 81433
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Cook, IL, 60602
After being proven not guilty of a dui the refusal still sticks hindering me from employment

Maui, HI, 96793
Hi I was needing an attorney to represent me in front of the ADLRO for my O.U.I case. Please reply as soon as possible. I have a continuance on my case as I want an attorney to represent me so thankyou for giving me your time.

Jefferson, AL, 35244
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Kern, CA, 93555
DUI good Friday night. Blew 1.06. Blood test results pending.

Beltrami, MN, 56601
I blew a .20 and need a lawyer. I also need for it to not break the bank more than necessary. If you think you can help, please send me an email. Thanks, Maggie

Cook, IL, 60645
I was accused of drunking driving. I did blow because I was forced to.

Sussex, NJ, 07460
pulled over Sunday on rte 206 in Augusta nite

Sussex, NJ, 07460
pulled over Sunday on rte 206 in Augusta nite

Sussex, NJ, 07460
Pulled over Sunday night- in Augusta NJ

Deschutes, OR, 97701
Just got an owi and I need help

Madison, AL, 35801
Wanted ! But didnt go to jail nor get a ticket now they wanta put me in prison 4 something i never even gotta ticket 4

Madison, AL, 35801
About to go to prison for something ......I never went to jail for never even gotta ticket

Baldwin, AL, 36526
I had a car wreck avoiding a car changing lanes that almost hit me. I had had a drink earlier and was arrested for DUI. Arrest was 2/24/2011. I hired an attorney and he did not show up at my first court date. Date was changed to 5/10/11. I am afraid that my attorney really has no interest in my case or defending me. I am a nurse and I don't want to lose my license or my job over this.

Curry, OR, 97415
Last dui was 13 years ago, but this is the third overal and the license has been revoked for life. Is a hardship work license available at some point? Is there any hope of the lifetime revocation being reversed at some point?

Hinds, MS, 39204
first time ihad to blow in the breathalyer five time and he did read me my right and he said i was careless driveingand iwasenstreetin jackson tow up

Hinds, MS, 39204
first time need help before i go to court please call anytime

Monterey, CA, 93901
I got A DUI 2 years ago. I served 5 to 6 days in jail. Right after I got out I went to rehab for 30 days. The Camp in Santa Cruz. I believe all my fines are done, I started DUI classes and paid for all the class except I believe about $200. The class dropped me because I missed to many classes due to work and a taking care of my new baby. I need to be re enrolled but cant seem to get enrolled without being arrested and getting re referred. I had my license to at least go to work. Now it is suspended and I need to get it back but I can't seem to get any help. Phone is the best way to contact me.

Jefferson, TX, 77640
charge with dui with a child passager

Wilson, KS, 66757
DUI and open cont.

Lafayette, LA, 70581

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