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Cameron, TX, 77015

Walton, FL, 32459
Have recieved a final order denying early reinstatement on my hardship license and have 30 days to file a writ of certiorari specified in section 322.31 F.S.

Passaic, NJ, 07522
First time dui breath test I belive to be. Between .08 and .10 stopped because of suspended license for parking tickets

Montgomery, IL, 62049
Please contact me either through phone or e-mail. Thank you

Hawaii, HI, 96720
I have a dui charge from 1990 and would like it cleared up.Can you help ?

Philadelphia, PA, 19146
Fighting a d.u.i case, And I have court coming next month

Chittenden, VT, 05401

Kenosha, WI, 53158
had a concussion saturday nite, went out sunday afternoon on arriving hone I miscalulated and hit my neighbor bumber, knocking it off, while going into house to get insurance info police had been called they told me to take sobriety tesat and I told them I need my inhalor that I could not breathe , so they sid I had to do blood test or go to jail,

Polk, GA, 30125
Arrested for DUI while sleeping in a Wal-mart parking lot. Police stated she stopped for suspicious activity. No field sobriety tests offered. Only a breathalyzer. I have had numerous problems trying to retain a public defender and difficulty obtaining an arrest video. Only in the past couple days have I succeeded in getting a public defender to represent me and the video is said to be in the hands of the prosecutor (initially they said the video did not exist). I go March 22 for arraignment. I still have not been able to speak with the man supposedly representing me. This will be a second DUI charge. Please help!

Portage, OH, 44266
I was pulled over early morning for marked lanes, and was given 3 field tests, which I was told that I failed to eye/pen test. I was taken to the station and given a breathalyzer test, which I blew a 0.16. I felt, however that the test read high, because I only had 4 drinks in 4 hours. I also have a first offense from July of 2007. I need to hire a lawyer and go over my best options.

Brown, WI, 54155
I got 3rd OWI.

Santa Clara, CA, 94303
dui charge with no alcohal or blood test and also a resisting charge set for trial on march 14th, public defender just contacted me on march 9th and gave me his thoughts on what he can do and I don't feel like he is really going to put forth his best effort

Santa Clara, CA, 95127
March 3, 2011 arrest, got blood tested, too intoxicated to perform tests. Is there any way out of this situation, or handled as a second offense DUI? First offense convicted as wet reckless in 2004, Second offense convicted as DUI is 2005.

Washington, TN, 37659
had 4 beers at tipton st. pub - car accident.

Keweenaw, MI, 49950
i was stuck in snow on shoulder of U.S. HWY41 approx. 12:30 am, 3-6-11 when officer Pelli arrived, and administered several sobriety tests, PBT (BAC .14). Subsequently arrested and BAC DataMaster results were BAC .12

Tarrant, TX, 76135
have a minor DUI that needs an attorney to remove from records, received a class C misdemeanor but had to plead no contest to be released from jail

Jefferson, NY, 13603
Pulled over for going 62 in a 55 and was given a field sobriety test. Was then told I was being placed under arrest and taken to the station where I blew a .28. This is my first offense, what do I need to do?

Autauga, AL, t8v1h
Well I had a lot to drink for 3 days and did not eat at all and I had a good sleep but I still blow way over. What can I do to try and beet this ?

Salt Lake, UT, 84115
I was charged with Driving Under the Influence Open Container Driving with no License and Registration Fee

Lauderdale, AL, 35630
I got pulled over for running a red light, I had been drinking and I also got charged with a DUI

Washington, OK, 74003
2nd offense, did not blow

Scott, IA, 52801
was stopped for spedding, blew a .18 2nd offense, first offense was 10 years ago

Sumner, TN, 37075
fiance was convicted of dui first offense in july, just got her driver license back, driving on a poorly lit street had an accident, friend took home, sheriff came and took her back to scene,did field sobriety test and arrested her. she is now in jail.

Autauga, AL, 43024
had a dui in early 06 plead out in 07 will do and pay any thing to keep liscene, just got arrested for blowinig a 1.22 not advergated been w company 2 years manager for major corp will plea out and pay any find will go to company courses but must keep lic. or will loose job do not have a crinamal record and i am a well respected member in the bus, comunity. need help.

Anne Arundel, MD, 21061
Technically 2nd offese, 1 was almost 10 years ago. I was NOT driving, even the paperwork indicates attempting to drive. I was on the shoulder of the road contemplating if I should drive, but I did not and police pull up, walked me thru the routine and I was arrested.

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