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Salem, NJ, 08069
Was convicted of 3rd dui. Sentenced to 180days. Lost of license for 11yrs. Is there any way I can get my license back before that? Was never convicted of 2nd. Will explain..

Cowlitz, WA, 98626
I was driving on lewis river road when i braked coming into a corner and slid on wet pavement and hit the guardrail causing a flat tire. While changing the flat tire a state patrol stopped and questioned me. The state patrol then gave me a field sobriety test which I failed because I have a pinched nerve in my neck and a bad back that keeps me from having very good balance. As a result I was arrested. When taken to woodland police station I refused the breathilizer test because I was pissed. I was taken to cowlitz county jail. I am scheduled to appear on tuesday May 28 at 9:00 am

Salem, NJ, 08069
Convicted of 3rd dui. Did 6 months. How can I get my license back.

Natrona, WY, 82609
arrested for DWUI, issued ticket for speeding and open container. i attempted to blow at the station however did not register successfully. issued a refusal on the DWUI ticket.

Hardy, WV, 26853

Maui, HI, 96732
Seeking legal advice and help to contend a first time DUI. Thanks

Jefferson Davis, LA, 70546
Got stopped for fog lights did sobriety test I passed and refused breathalyzer test

Ford, KS, 67801
i got dui on last saturday i need attorney this my first time ever that i had dui

Chatham, NC, 27312
In this particular situation, the person was pulled over because the police stayed to the driver that he was pulled over because someone called in on the driver and said he did not have license and was driving so the police stated that the person gave him the description of the vehical and was waiting on him to leave his destination so once the driver was leaving the street he was on and headed to his next destination the police came from no where and pulled him over with no probable cause except for a the fact that someone called in and said he was driving without license with is not a legal probable cause....

Tarrant, TX, 76112

Amherst, VA, 24521
i have two charges d.w.i. and refusal of breath test circuit court 4/22/2013

Grafton, NH, 03766
DWI Second offence.

Johnson, KY, 41240
I received a DUI and operating without a license in Paintsville Ky. I am currently living and working in my original hometown in Pennsylvania. I have a court day on May 22nd in Paintsville KY and I am looking for a lawyer and I was hoping to find out more about your services. It is best to reach me by E-mail. Thank You

Harrison, MS, 39560
1st dui

Oakland, MI, 48067
Two Dui's

Pickaway, OH, 43113
three hours after a fender bender no injuries no damage to cars breathalyzer was administered 2 times legal limit probation officer was called for 3 probation violations breathalyzer 3 hours after incident license tag was left at the scene open container was found in console of car keys found in ignition

Kings, NY, 11236
Nothing really

Delta, CO, 81416
I was pulled over for speeding. The officer said that I smelled of alcohol. He asked if I would be willing to take a roadside and/or BAC test, I said I wouldn't do anything before speaking with a lawyer. I was concerned as I had had a couple drinks but was unsure what I would test as I run a distillery and had been at work all day, inhaling alcoholic vapors and even had spilled bourbon on my clothes. Had court yesterday which the offered me a plea of dwai, 30 days in jail, and 2 years probation. I have a dmv hearing on the third of april. Need to know what step I should take next

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Westmoreland, PA, 15085
Suspected of DUI after vehicle slid on patch of ice and off of road. No other vehicles involved, no injuries, no damage to private property.

Ottawa, OK, 74354
Was heading out of town back to Missouri keeping pace with a vehicle in front of me when a Oklahoma state patrolman pulled me over for speeding I had my license ready when he came up and got the insurance too he asked me to step out and come to his car he ran my license and asked how much I had drank I told him 1 beer and 1 mixed drink he gave me a field breathalyzer test in the car and then asked if I had a jacket in the truck so I could do some field sobriety test and I did he had me do the foot six inches off the ground the follow the pen and the nine heel to toe paces I'm assuming I failed since he arrested me he didn't tell me what part I failed or what I did wrong. We got down to the Ottawa county jail and he administered the states breathalyzer test he covered the screen with a piece of paper I didn't know my results until he printed out a piece of paper it was. .09 so they booked me and I have a court date on march 1st

Page, IA, 51632
court date feb 28 2013 at 1:30 pm. need to talk with someone about this .

Multnomah, OR, 97060
Need representation for a DUII on 2-17-2013

Vanderburgh, IN, 47711
Had 4 dwi. Trying to get probationary license if possible. Ain't drank since last inncedent in 2009

Cass, NE, 68048
I was convicted of a DUI in cass county. I recieved a 15 year revocation with no probation. It was jan. of 2009 so it was before all the law changes. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done now to get any kind of permit or some way to drive. I don't understand when they change all these laws that the people arrested before a certain date are pretty much helpless. Can I hire a lawyer to petition the DMV or anything?

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