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Humboldt, NV, 89445
I was over the limit no accidents basic dui

Surry, NC, 27030
i pulled stopped in median early am lost near dobson; state police responded to call of car in median. upon arrival issued dui, reckless driving and open container. i'm from Maine, never been stopped in NC before. court date is March 7th; want to postpone and see what options i have.

Riverside, CA, 92543
Have 1rst dui conviction dating back 9 years and 8 months when I recieved 2nd dui on fathers day 2012. I was arrested and subjected to my vehicle/canine being impounded. Unable to afford dui lawyer services I attended dmv hearing and lost. I attended court date and recived sentence not including jail time. After agreeing to terms from the court,I have been without the ability to comply.I am aware I may have warrent for my arrest as a result. I want to resolve this matter asap.I fear and mistrust the ca. legal system.I have very little knowledge of my rights as a citizen. I have very much in common with the unemployed masses that are without the financial advantage and ability that are needed to survive a dui and the problems that the state decides are nessacerry to impose. I am seeking a personal dui lawyer with rates I can honestly agree to pay. I need to get case back on track without making court appearences.Jail time is no option.I can make good on all the terms you develop that resolve this matter,but you understand I will make payments every 3 months after making a down payment upfront now. please use e-mail for any response.

Cass, MO, 64078
I got a DUI in peculiar MO. I was barely over .08 (I think it was .085). I didn't fully stop at a stop sign, I wasnt wearing a seatbelt and they gave me a driving while suspended ticket. However I did not know I was suspended. My bail was $500 and I got a bondsman. Thanks

New Haven, CT, 066

Maui, HI, 96768
Did the old Texas switch wasn't driving the car!! My sister was pleas help me with my case!!!

New Haven, CT, 33060
Looking for an attorney in Derby Connecticut

Matanuska Susitna, AK, 99645
Felony DUI (2 priors), felony refusal to stop for an officer, felony assault, reckless driving. Resulting in a accident but involving no other cars. The police did not identify or physically see the driver until arriving on sceen.

Johnston, NC, 27577
loss my DL for 3 dwi and 1 licens revoc 16 yers ago my les tiket DLR in 2000 i benn in i heringhs 4 -5 times is been denaid my les herrin is benn olmos 3 yers ago im not geve eny tikets since 200o o eny problem in the law tk for u time

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Dallas, TX, 75207
I was arrested for DWI on 10/16/10 - plead guilty on 6/20/11 class B Misdemeanor - placed on probation for 18months with conditions ie.. SSI 20/20 breath-alcohol ignition interlock - i successfully completed all conditions and released from probation on Jan 7, 2013 and removal of interlock - My question is (drum roll.............) is it possible to remove or expunge this from my record - i would like to move foreword in my career but i am afraid by having a record of DWI may hinder my chances - i have not been arrested for anything prior to nor after this

Brown, SD, 57401
2nd offense within 10 years. was picked up for headlight, blew .105

Saint Louis city, MO, 63103
He got a DUI. Lives in Southern IL.

Wilson, TN, 37087
I was taken to jail on 1-13-13 for a DUI. As i made bond i was reading the paperwork and little did i know that it had a implied consent charge on there as well. I have no idea what that even means. Also on the paperwork it said that i refused to take a blood alcohol test. I absolutely did not refuse that test. I told the officer which was from trousdale county that i would be more than happy to take the test if he would take me to dry grounds to take my field sobriety test because it was pouring down raining at the time. He refused to so then he just took me straight to jail. I did not sign any paperwork with the guilt admission because i was not drunk. I also need to tell you that he did give me a field sobriety test in the pouring rain and i also had on boots as well that made me off balance jus a little bit.

Wayne, PA, 18405
third dui with in ten years . total of six from 1985 to present. banged car into trees. was shot at by civillian. ran from him. met up with police 30 min. later.

Allen, IN, 46085
Have a question about blood draws and consent. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thanks

Franklin, OH, 43211
Zip Code * Tell Us About Yo

Madison, AL, 35801

Kings, NY, 11207
Had a dui ln wpb in i think 1992 i went to get my license there is a hold on it from fla

Richland, SC, 29201
Do you have DUI case experience on drivers license suspensions? The DMV says my DL is "Permanently Revoked" or "Forever Barred" due to four DUI violations in a 10 year period. Two where in NC and two where in SC. Do you know if all four has to take place in SC for the DMV to suspend. They have said after 7 years I can request a court hearing to have this status removed. See violation dates below. Offense 1) - 12/31/1996 - Violation in North Carolina with a SC DL 2) - 10/24/1997 - Violation in South Carolina with a SC DL 3) - 01/10/2005 - Violation in South Carolina with a SC DL 4) - 10/06/2006 - Violation in North Carolina with a SC DL

Hartford, CT, 06040

Hawaii, HI, 96750
Got a dui at a dui check point

Rockland, NY, 10970
I had my frist alcohol conviction reduced to a DUAI after two years in court in Oct. I was mandated to attend a class on Dec 4th at the Firemans House in Pomona. I forgot the date and went to dinner with some friends before and had a few drinks. My phone beeped and it was my calendar reminding me lof the appointment. I knew that I had to attend so I had a friend bring me there. I failed the breathalyzer and although not driving thee vehicle was given a DWI ticket and have to go to court. This will then be coonsidered a second offense which I find is unfair since I technically was not driving while under the influence. I really need help!

Vernon, LA, 71446
Received dui in leesville la. I am so ashamed of this! BAC was .238. What can I do to keep my license? I received the dui on the December 28 2012. I received a dui in 1993 and convicted for it in 2001.

Berks, PA, 19601
I was charged with DUi, underage and reckless driving my court date is 1/16/13 and im still looking for a lawyer

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