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Adams, NE, 68901
I have 2 dui's from 2004. I've been trying to change my life for my 2 daughters and for the better. I just found a great house to rent and finally purchased a nice and safe car for me and my kids. I had a few beers at a friends house, I didn't feel comfortable driving home, so I stayed. I woke up at normal time (about 4:00am) and thought it would be fine to go home. I had some work to do there and wanted to get an early start on it. On my way home, I swerved to miss 2 large racoons and went off the road about 3 feet. No black marks, no accident, just stuck on snow and ice. Some people I did not know stopped and tried to help. In that time, an Adams Sheriff stopped and said he could smell alcohol and asked me to do a sobriety test. I had a bac of .125. My license is my life. I would really appreciate any help at all. I'm hurting very badly because of my mistake. Thank you.

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Mahoning, OH, 44509
Was found in a ditch on TP76 heading west On Dec. 17th 9:30pm. State Highway patrolman cuffs me and takes me to Struthers for a Urine test. I gave them my urine and I am heading to appear in court today, Dec. 19th. Thus far, they are waiting for the results of the urine to come back from Columbus.

Washoe, NV, 89523
I ran a red light apprx 32mph hit another auto totaled my BEATIFUL MARK VII an other auto also I think. I had a couple drinnks at 330 or 4 pm, then hard ninner at around 6pm I had wreck I blew a .08 an a .04 in ER. SO i GOT A TICKET ONLY i DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT STAYED IN YOUR SYSTEM SO LONG DINNER A 3 CUPS OF COFFEE AT 600 AN THAT'S THE REST AN NOTHING ON TICKET RED LIGHT NOT ON TICKET JUST A DUI NEVER HAD A WRECK OR TICKET EVER WELL AT 16 I GOT A SPEEDING TICKET CAN YOU HELP ME WHAT WILL MAX FINE BE FOR FIRST OFFENCE ? TY I turned 65 that night, an was going to store an going to call a taxi go go down town RENO to party GOD what a mess. auto incence paid in full on OCT NEW RENEWAL OF DRIVER LIC, AN REG. CAR IN OCT.

Hinds, MS, 39301
I live in Meridian, Ms. and have had 1 felony dui. And was arrested for dui about 2 months ago, all but one had rolled off. So they they charged me with dui second, it was not three maybe four weeks after that I had been out with friends and had two drinks, a beer and buttercrown. Went to back out of my parking space and their they were, they officer ask me if I knew I had hit a car. To make a long store short. They charged me with a dui second and then upgraded it to a 2 felony dui. The same two have stopped me 2 times with in a two week period. I total them I was getting tied of them picking on me. And I have medical problems that have had my drivers license suspened.

Lee, KY, 41311
2 duis in ohio, february .08 bac breath test, may 15 2012, .24 blood test; single car one passenger rollover open containers in car

Osage, OK, 74035
stopped for crossing center line worked all day and took 2 xanax np alchohol involved bought pillls in mexico and have scripts

Arapahoe, CO, 80121
My fiancee has a recently missed case in denton. The last attorney we used - our communication was very lacking. Its her first DUI and we need someone to speak with via telephone. Would you have the time for me to call and if so please send me a good time and day? Thank you for your time and consideration

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Kitsap, WA, 98312
BAC = .065 g/100ml of ETOH, 1.0mg/L Zolipidem. collided with phone pole, taken to hospital. Don't remember anything until waking up in hospital. Happened on 6-24. Officer wrote down wrong address from license. Plus I have a different address than on license. Just got a phone call about the dui arraignment a week ago. Worried about when the dol hearing will start because of all of this. My arraignment is 11-28. Plan to plead not guilty but need help after that.

Lewis and Clark, MT, 59601
court date for Monday 11/26 at 0830. I do not have much time and I would really appreciate any help

Plymouth, MA, 02736
I need advice please. I have a court date tomarow morning at 830.

Philadelphia, PA, 19124

La Salle, IL, 61350
the office pulled me over for no right turn signal into a gas station and swerving in and out the lane.

Pinal, AZ, 85140
I got a DUI last night and need some counseling on what to do.

Kane, IL, 60110

Honolulu, HI, 96857

Putnam, GA, 31024
Fell asleep at the red light at about one in the morning. Officer came and gave me a ticket for being stopped or parked in a prohibited space and I refused a breath test. He said he smelled alcohol on me. My first DUI.

Walworth, WI, 53190
I was convicted of a DUI in whitewater Wi many years ago. Wi is still showing i have not completed the DUI class? How long is the training as i can't find any old paperwork/certificates. I'm military and trying to renew my license, but upon return to the states found out Wi hasn't released it in the national directory. I need to redo the training and get them a copy, but dont know the ammount of time required to do. Looking at the online class.

Berkshire, MA, 01225
I was arrested for oui second offence. I did not take a breathalyzer test. I was not over the limit. My first offence was dismissed in 2000. The police report is filled with false statements by the state trooper.

Autauga, AL, 09145
I have a DUI 7 years ago and I'm trying to get my license here in Philadelphia and I don't know how to start, and they wouldn't allowed me to get one here in Philadelphia

Riverside, CA, 92201
I live in Las Vegas and was visiting my brother in Palm Springs. He was supposed to drive the evening in question but I ended up behind the wheel. Had far too much to drink. Was heading back to his home when I stopped on a major street (curb lane - but no parking allowed) to find directions on GPS. An officer pulled up behind me to see why I was stopped there. Car was in park but running.

Suffolk, MA, 02127
I was arrested in N.H. in 2004 for dui 2nd offence plead guily on advice from attorney had previous convictions in M.A. Now have a lifetime suspention was not advised that M.A. would count on my driving record, If I knew that would not have plead guilty.

Northumberland, PA, 17801
stop by police for bumping a vehicle in the rear, blew a .14 in the field sobriety test.

Delaware, OH, 43015
I was standing on my front porch when the police showed up they ask to come her to talk to them . Then started to ask me some ques. I told that i was coming from a friend house in Cols. I admitted that i 2 or 3 beers but also said that i have been up scents 3.30 am this morning and driving a new truck .Butt they didn't really about that. Then the DUI Test began

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