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Lee, KY, 41311
my friend has 2 pending duis up for trial in november; first was .08 feb. 2012, second .24 in may 2012. what is her best strategy and best and worst case scenarios?

Kershaw, SC, 29020
Charged after an auto accident in which the trooper said that I was driving when I wasn't.

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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York, PA, 17404
I got a dui in oct 21st 2010. I finally went to a jury trail on oct 9th 2012. Now it was past the rule 600 and the lady from the lab that tested my blood didn't show up the lawyer put in two different dissmissals to get the trail throw out and the judge denied both. I want to appeal this case only If I have a chance. I've spent so much money acctually to be exact 10 thousand. And that's not even the fines can I get a callback and see what I can do

Ottawa, MI, 49423
driving under intoxicated having a minor 13 years old for the first time

Kings, CA, 93245
Live in Oregon, have an out of state license, came back to kings county becuase i was ordered by my probation officer because i changed address with out permission but did report it. Left a bar with friends noticed a car behind me which turned out to be a CHP. was given a breathalyzer but no results were coming up and was booked into kings county jail and blood was drawn. this is my 4th DUI i have a wet and recklase and 2 Dui's

Lewis and Clark, MT, 59601
I need to talk to an attorney

Burlington, NJ, 08060
1994 charged with third dui came back now to resolve

Middlesex, MA, 02420
DUI 0.17

Autauga, AL, 1000
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Pulaski, AR, 72116

Glynn, GA, 31522
3rd DUI

Bergen, NJ, 07646
sad to say dont remember anything but geting charged with a dui on sat night

Anchorage, AK, 99501
I got a DUI in 2009 on a mini bike that only could go 10 miles an hour. It was a felony , I had 1 in 2000 and in 1999 which were felony which gave me a life time suspension what can I do to get a drivers license?

Putnam, TN, 38544
most everything in the report is or just plaine lies

Alameda, CA, 94552
got my first dui

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Sunflower, MS, 38771
2nd dui

San Diego, CA, 92058
I am a military wife. I went to court already for my dui case. Was given community service, which I have completed and fines, that I have paid, plus was told I needed to take a class. The problem being the class. We have moved since and now I am in california and North Carolina is not excepting the class. California does not offer the same classes and we are due to move again and my husband is going out of country. I really need help on getting it approved for a online dui class so I can get this done no matter where I live. I have requested a hearing through a hearing officer which was denied because I do not live in North Carolina. I offered to fly to North Carolina to do the weekend class and they said no that I had to be a resident to do it. I am out of options and I don't know what to do to get my driving privledges back. I have spoken to numerous people at the court,dmv,and nop one will help me. I am at a loss because we are military and there should be some way to get it back, some sort of exception since we are military and we do have to move. It was my first dui and the only time I have ever been in trouble. I did not even have to get bailed out. They released me to my husband . No tickets ever, no criminal charges ever. I have a clean record.

Yellowstone, MT, 59044
was in parkin lot car in reverse on the phone pulled behind me. refused to blow took other tests charged with dui. need help

Jefferson, KY, 40202
My brother is currently in jail for an aggravated dui with 4 assault charges. I am attempting to secure representation for him.

Marshall, TN, 37091
On Wed at 8pm I was pulled over after being lost and on the phone crying cop stated I crossed the fog line twice I did have open container had only had 1 mixed drink he arrested me for DUI . when we got to the jail he offered me a breathalizer and stated I didn't have to take it he was no admission of guilt . I had no idea that would be another charge help plz

Lenawee, MI, 49221
Received an OWI on 8/19/12. was leaving nascar race, pulled over for no reason, passed feild sobriety test and blew a .09 on the breathalizer.

Buffalo, WI, 54610
recieved a owi on the 15 of august, i am from mn and not sure about all the laws involved

Kern, CA, 93307
Driving intoxicated. Got pulled over cause I was speeding home. I have a class A and wanna keep it. This is my first offense. Please give me a call and fill me in on what to do.

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