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Pulaski, MO, 65583
i got a dui on 4 july and have court on 24 aug i need to get this reduced i am in the army and i i am leaving soon to reclass

Muscogee, GA, 31903
Got a D.U.I in chicago, ill in 1996, got treatment papers from haymarket west in schumburg. Ill. How much would it cost to clear it up.

Washington, LA, 70427
I have duis. And i need to get some of my dui exspunge please n need to know what the cost to exspunge. Each dui and others. Thank you

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Allen, KS, 66749
I am trying to find out if there is a chance I can get the charge dropped or dismissed.

Hennepin, MN, 55429
Was arrested and charged with 4h degree Dwi and i was booked and released with a court date given. My license wasnt clipped and i was told it wasnt suspended and i didnt get any paperwork to advise of this. This is my first time and im lookng for assistance with a budget or someone todirect me to a affordable lawyer or pro bono.

Suffolk, NY, 11967
3 dwi in 10 years

Bossier, LA, 71006

New York, NY, 10001
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Trumbull, OH, 44446
I had ONE glass of wine, we left the bar not even 5 minutes went by I was pulled over. I was speeding because I was coasting down hill. I guess it was 45 in a 35. He gave me a sobriety test and I passed he made me breath. He took me to Niles, Oh police station and breathalyzer me again. It was a 105. My very first one, never had anything on my record. What should I do because I moved to Florida because my family was caught up in some crazy problems where; My children and my life has been threatened. I wrote the judge/bailiff a letter stating what was going on. Even gave them the detectives names and numbers to call for proof. I'm a laid off mail carrier and could apply for positions here in FL but Ohio hasn't responded to me.

Lowndes, MS, 39701

Horry, SC, 29368

Greene, IN, 47424
I'm contacting you on behalf of my father. He was pulled over and arrested for operating vehicle while intoxicated. This was his first offense, never had priors and I was just wanting to know what fines and punishments he will be facing? He blew a .12 and also he works on the road for his job, and he wants to know what he can do to still be able to drive for his work out of state and within state? Thank you

Tioga, PA, 16901
was charged with DUI,

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Cibola, NM, 87020
I had my court hearing today. i had a public defender. he didnt do much. I received all maxium fines and sentences. what i want to know is if i can appeal my sentence.

Lycoming, PA, 17701
i was speeding got pulled over n did field test blew a .18 then he put me in cruser and drove like an idiot to the lewisburg hospital they took blood then he took me back to the police station finger printed me

Clermont, OH, 45103
got an underage consumption and didnt get a breathalizer test

Volusia, FL, 32114
I was stopped for speeding and the cop has lied about everything that had transpired. The pros. is trying to get the judge to give me 29 days in jail, this is my 2nd offense in 12 years. There are also errors on my tickets. Can you help?

Salt Lake, UT, 84111
I received a DUI on the 4th of July, an escape charge, and a open container. I'm curious to know how much it will be to get legal help.

San Mateo, CA, 94066
I got a DUI today 6/29/12 in the morning. The police officer pulled me over for speeding. I was placed in detox place where I was held there for 8 hours. This is my first DUI & I need a lawyer to help me out with my case.

Northampton, PA, 18072

Lee, FL, 33909
just arrested im fairlly sure this is my 1st dui possibly had one like 20yrs ago

Harris, TX, 77056
Please remove the duplicate content that is attached to my profile in your directory.

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