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New Haven, CT, 066

New Haven, CT, 33060
Looking for an attorney in Derby Connecticut

Hartford, CT, 06040

New Haven, CT, 06510
I live in MA, but was lost looking for tweed airport in New Haven. I took an exit to find a sobriety check point. I have had the flu for the last week and have been out sick from work. I looked as bad as I was feeling. I was told to pull over, so I did. I was asked to step out the vehicle and proceeded to follow instructions. I walked the line as best as I could with my boots. I took them off but my feet were hurting. (I do believe I performed quite well.) by now I was quite frustrated as I was not going to get to the airport and could not reach my teenage son to inform him. At this point I had been placed under arrest. I ended up refusing the breathalyzer. I had been sucking down cough drops and had taken both day and NyQuil for flu symptoms. I am uncertain if that was the wise thing to do, but I was anxious, nervous, and worried about my son.

Hartford, CT, 06489
Saturday night 01/08/2011 my daughter slid into a snow bank and her car became stuck. A passerby stopped to try and help her get out of the bank but it was not successful. The police arrived and asked my daughter a few questions and then proceeded to give her 3 seperate field sobriety tests. She passed 3 and took to long to finish the alphabet so the arrested her cuffed her and brought her to the Farmington police station. She ws booked and asked to perform a breatholizer test which she refused to do . To my knowledge the officer did not explain the ramifications of not takking this Test. There was no other vehicle involved in the incident and noaccident report written . The impact was slight enough that the airbags did not deploy in the vehicle.The road conditions were listed as hazzardous.

Litchfield, CT, 06759
Arrested 1/1/11 in Barkhamsted, BAC 0.8, first offense, no prior record, COURT DATE 1/10/11

Hartford, CT, 06002
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Hartford, CT, 06119
failed field sobriety test did not take breath test

Fairfield, CT, 06810
Stoped For Dui

Fairfield, CT, 06901
I am a NYS resident and got charged with a DUI in CT.

New Haven, CT, 06518
I had an incident last year and took and completed the aep class. i recently go another dui and was wondering what action to take

Hartford, CT, 06119
i was caught in my car sleeping i had few drinks but i was not driving but my car whats runnig somoene had dropp me off in front of my house

Hartford, CT, 06010
prior dui offense 2004

Hartford, CT, 06010
need to know up front the cost as well if there is a payment plan available... Thank you!

New Haven, CT, 06418
first dui, no driving tickets for the last 20 years

Fairfield, CT, 06902
Hi. I have been charged with a dui, reckless driving, and breach of peace. I am living out of state, and have court in stamford on the 24th of march,

Fairfield, CT, 06482
I am a Community Relations Coordinator for Arms Acres Substance Abuse facility. I would like to contact Ct dui attorneys to inform you about our services for your clients.

Fairfield, CT, 06606
dui speeding failure to stay in lane

Hartford, CT, 06050
i refused a breathalyzer not realizing the 6 month penalty for suspended license, i really at least need work permit, im a single working mom.

Hartford, CT, 06105
OUI on Sunday evening, pulled over by MDC and Police. Breathalyzer reading of .153. Help! No prior arrests, good driving record, etc

New Haven, CT, 06514
i am being charged with a dui i was in a really bad accident and dont remember that whole month i was in the hospital

Litchfield, CT, 06750
i got a dui walking, they have no proof i was ever driving, and i need a lawyer

Tolland, CT, 06066
operating under suspension charge, for operation of an ATV (All terrain Vehicle)

Windham, CT, 06241
since then,i could never be me in ways,my daughter cassandra was only 5 months old,....after i did my time or my loss of life i tried real hard to do the best,and i did i got custody of my first 3 children and raised them the best that i could,...but it wasnt the way i wanted too, every night i had to think about the loss the crap,...never mind me, now that it comes back i cant forget,now my 3 children are older.....thats my first marrige,cassandra..my,5 month old was eventually my 2nd daughter,i married laurie when i got out of that hell but i could never be who i was,i got short changed,my wife laurie couldnt put up with me waking up ........still thinking there was bricks,...she deserved better than that..so i left her and my 2 children.yes we had a son,and i tied my privates,...she couldnt,so i did,she loved me for that,tied that is..then on jan,12, she got murderd,..so how do i feel,.. im not sure but i would like people to know the truth,..and david never did that,only the good court room crap,....smith if your wondering about the name,....i got made a bad man,.. what is a bad man.?does anyone know a good man,anyways i dont mean to drag this on but if anyone is out there that could help i would appreciate it very much,thank you ..............sincerly,greg.

Windham, CT, 06331
I was arrested after coming upon a road block

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