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DeKalb, GA, 30034
Failed head lights resulted in erratic driving which made it seemed as DUI. Repaired burnt head light switch .recieved suspension of license for refusal of test,it did not happen . Need limited license to drive to work until case comes up .need cunsultation with DUI atty

Bartow, GA, 30120
I received a DUI Friday night and was arrested and taken to Bartow County Jail. My main problem right now however, is that my chemical results are going down as a refusal. I was offered to blow several times, on site and at the jail, and I blew every single time. I remember hearing beeping, however I was told I didn't perform the test correctly and my chances at getting a reading were over. I was breathalized on site, so I know there will be video proof that I did not refuse this test. I also was not offered the option of being transported to a hospital to receive a blood or urine test. I do not want to lose my license for a test I did not refuse to take, so my father and I are seeking a good lawyer to help us fight this case. Thank you for your time

Putnam, GA, 31024
Fell asleep at the red light at about one in the morning. Officer came and gave me a ticket for being stopped or parked in a prohibited space and I refused a breath test. He said he smelled alcohol on me. My first DUI.

Glynn, GA, 31522
3rd DUI

Muscogee, GA, 31903
Got a D.U.I in chicago, ill in 1996, got treatment papers from haymarket west in schumburg. Ill. How much would it cost to clear it up.

Jones, GA, 31032
21 yr. old male. first offense- DUI and failure to maintain lane don't think he took a breathalizer

Camden, GA, 31569
I was sitting in room thinking about the test. The machine timed out and I was unable to take test again

Houston, GA, 31093
Got a DUI

Webster, GA, 31824
the deputy ran my wifes tag wrong on our car,which he claims she was speeding but i know she wasnt doing 70 mph in town,thats why he stopped her then ran the tag correctly an asked my wife if she has been dring she told him 5 in the last hour , so the deputy let a trooper do the dui an he did 4 or 5 test on the intox 5000 and all the test had alot of varriation to the but charged her with .15 dui.we have a ALS hearing coming up in november in albany ga.

Houston, GA, 31088
01. Failure to yield right of way-entering/crossing rd. 02. DUI of Alcohol

Troup, GA, 30240
I receintly moved to Georgia, huge mistake and nothing but trouble has occured. On june 6 I was pulled over because my tag said Alabama and when I explained to him I had just relocated he then went on to say he pulled me over cause i swirved. Following that he asked if I had been drinking and I said no I was on my way to drop off job resume's then he proceeded to ask if I was on any medication. I didn't want to lie and explained I was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and Klonopine for sleep which at that point his assuptions changed and proceeded to say I must be driving intoxicated from drugs. I ended up going to jail with a tag violation and a DUI charge which I had not consumed any meds prior to that night. Well, yesterday I was driving around attempting to learn my way around Goergial when my car hit a massive sheet of gravel that as a result caused me to reck and end up struggling to get out. No witnesses just me so I went to the closest neighbor to ask if I could call the police and when they arrived they again asked if I had been drinking or taking drugs and again I told them i hadn't been drinking and had only taken the drugs prescribed to me. Next thing I know I am being charged with yet another DUI and on top of that he gave me a ticket for weaving and failure to maintain in the right lane. How did he know I was in the opposing lane when he was not anywhere around until I called him. Common sense to me says if I was guily of such charges I would have never had the mindset to call any police force. So now within a month I am being charged with two DUI's, tag violation and lane violation. This hardly seems fair and I have no idea what to do. Please help me!

Jackson, GA, 30549
pulled over For swerving,took field test ,no breath test

Henry, GA, 30281
On Wednesday June 1st, 2011, I was arrested in Stockbridge, Ga by Henry County Police and charged with the following offenses: (a)DUI - Alcohol, (b)DUI - Less Safe, (c)Open Container, (d)Possession of Marijuana - less 1 oz, (e)Leaving Scene of an Accident. Here are the sequence of events which led to these individual charges, times are approximate. Charges (a,b) 2:45pm - I take a Zyrtec tablet (antihistamine) 3pm - I received my weekly allergy shots (4 injections). 4pm - I attended a company outing at a Mexican restaurant where I had a margarita, and a beer. 6:30pm - I leave the restaurant, stop and buy a beer, then go home. 7:00pm - Arrive at home where I began to drink the beer I just bought. 7:30pm - Need to go to Brandsmart in Stockbridge, pour remaining beer in plastic cup and leave home. Shortly after 8pm - arrive in Stockbridge. I decided to drive through some of the neighborhoods off of Hwy 138 looking at houses because I'm a real estate broker. Around this time I used my albuterol inhaler because my asthma was beginning to flare up. I then determined I needed to go ahead and get to Brandsmart, entered the store information into my GPS on my phone. As I’m driving I drop my phone/GPS and begin to retrieve it; that’s when I veered into the curb/drain. (I have pictures of the curb/drain and my car). I pull away from the curb/drain and begin to keep going until I recognized that I seriously damaged my front tire/wheel. My car was swaying because of the damage to the front and rear wheel assemblies; I had to turn my steering wheel 90 degrees to the right in order to drive the car straight. Initially, I thought I had a flat tire. So I pull over under my own cognition and begin to change my front right tire. That’s when the police officer pulls up and orders me to drop the tools and sit on the curb as he awaited backup. This officer is a resident of that neighborhood and witnessed me pull off from the curb/drain and was visibly upset about the incident. I also believe this officer was off-duty. This is where Charge (e) came about – but there was no property damage or injury other than my car. Officer J. Jones (badge #4685) arrived and conducted the DUI test. I passed two field sobriety tests; following the officer’s finger with my eyes only, and walking the straight line heel to toe for 9 paces forward turning around and 9 paces back. At that point he asked me if I consented to a breathalyzer and I agreed to do it but I mentioned to him that I had recently taken my inhaler. He stated he was not concerned about that. I blow into the machine, he reads it, and then tells the officer(s) standing behind me “.085”. Then he asks me to blow again but this time slower but no mention of what the reading was. Charges (c, d) While Officer Jones was conducting these tests there were other officers searching my car. They found an open container (plastic cup) and marijuana. The marijuana was not mine but left in my car by an old associate on Sunday May 30, 2011, at a Memorial Day cookout. I don’t know where it was found. I bond out of jail and over the next couple of days began researching how I could of failed the breathalyzer; other than my inhaler being the cause. My wife’s best friend is a nurse and she stated the combination of the Zyrtec and allergy shots will increase the affect of the alcohol that I consumed ( I was unaware of this). Under normal circumstances there is no way the amount of alcohol I consumed over the span of 4 and a ½ hours should have registered a “.154” BAC which I learned about from reading the tickets after being processed in jail. This would be my first offense and there is no way I would have gotten behind the wheel of a car impaired or intoxicated. Also, there is no way I could have driven approximately 30 miles from my home in Atlanta to Stockbridge with a BAC of “.154” without being stopped or creating some other problem. My court date is August 9th, please advise.

Toombs, GA, 30436
Dui refusal, I blew in the machine 3 times and it came up insufficient sample all three times. The officer charged me with refusal anyway. I have already been to the arraignment and plead not guilty, and waiting on a notice in the mail for court date. I started a new job a few weeks ago so i do and will have money to pay for help.

Brantley, GA, 31553
dui open container child endangerment

Brantley, GA, 31553
dui open container child endangerment

Polk, GA, 30125
Arrested for DUI while sleeping in a Wal-mart parking lot. Police stated she stopped for suspicious activity. No field sobriety tests offered. Only a breathalyzer. I have had numerous problems trying to retain a public defender and difficulty obtaining an arrest video. Only in the past couple days have I succeeded in getting a public defender to represent me and the video is said to be in the hands of the prosecutor (initially they said the video did not exist). I go March 22 for arraignment. I still have not been able to speak with the man supposedly representing me. This will be a second DUI charge. Please help!

Fulton, GA, 30004
Charged with DUI.

Bartow, GA, 30120
I got a dui and ticket for failure to maintain lane. I blew .02 but unfortuately wasnt 21 yet.

Baldwin, GA, 31061
if you've gotten 2 DUI's in the past 2 years.. what will happen

Laurens, GA, 31027
i was charged wit dui an was not even in my car he accused me of hit an run

Chatham, GA, 31401
I was sorry how our meeting ended on yesterday. Fourloko was the drink I had.Everthing I told you was the truth. Please look up Fourloko on Wikipedia. I did not know the controversy and dangers of this drink. Thank You and may God Bless

DeKalb, GA, 30356
I was arrested in 2007 for a DUI. But i didnt pay my fines. Will explain why. But Im moving back to GA in about two weeks. So I need to take care of that

Wilkinson, GA, 31042

Wilkinson, GA, 31042

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