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Twin Falls, ID, 83301

Bingham, ID, 83221
I need help! I need to find a DUI lawyer to help me with my case. as soon as possible.

Elmore, ID, 83647
On a fixed income and need an affordable or pro-bono lawyer for a DUI, i blew 0.010 over the legal limit 0.008 but wasnt given miranda rights until i went in and did a breathelizer which i did 4 times. Any help or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Elmore, ID, 83647
i was on a dirt road in the mountains 1 lane so my girlfriend was afraid 2 drive because its almost impossible 2 pass with oncoming traffic so i was driving out 2 the paved maintained road & was then going 2 have her drive but got dui before i got there i had 5 12 ounce beers in a 7 hour period & weigh 280 pounds i admit i felt the alcohol but was no where near drunk i drive truck for a living and though money is tight right now if someone can help me beat this so i can continue 2 work i will pay what ever it takes

Bannock, ID, 83201
Cops came to DI lot where I had slid into a concrete bumper, damaged suspension. Took breathalyzer, passed and took a blood test and my son drove me home. Six weeks later cop comes by and gives me a ticket for dui.

Kootenai, ID, 83814
I just had a few questions about first charges of dui's

Kootenai, ID, 83814
I have court on the 1st of march. I have a driving under the influence and 1 injury to a child. I recked my car while drunk with my kids in the car. they dismissed to outta 3 charges of injurys to a child. but i am facing 1 (m) injury to a child and (m) driving under the influence. what is going to happen? or what can i expect to happen?

Ada, ID, 83704

Canyon, ID, 83687
I need an attorney that can help with DUI and other vilotations in Jack Pot,Nevada

Ada, ID, 83646

Nez Perce, ID, 83501
i need to know if im going to jail

Canyon, ID, 83607
dui and leve accident scene

Ada, ID, 83709
My son, who recently moved to NY, was in a scooter accident in the Fred Meyers Parking lot on 5 mile and overland on May 17, 2009. (no other vehicle involved, no property damage) and sustained a head injury. He was not issued a ticket and did not give consent to have his blood drawn for a blood alcohol test (police used hospital sample that had no chain of custody) He was unconcious at the scene and was admitted to the trauma unit. He was on line and discovered a felony warrant was issued for a DUI. What can be done?

Bannock, ID, 83202
I got a dui while i was sleeping in my friends vehicle.

Jerome, ID, 83338
DUI - .09 5/31/09 court date coming up quick 8/3 I have a public defender, I need to agressively fight this!

Bear Lake, ID, 93535
i live in ca but my girlfriend lives in montpelier idaho and she got her thrid dui.but her cousin told me that this is her first dui in 3 years.so what will happend to her with this dui? cause im hearin alot of diffrent things.i just need a few answers so i can understand,will she do time for this thrid dui even if its her first one in 3 yrs?what will happend will they count this one as her third offense? i need some help please.thank you very much

Payette, ID, 83661
First Dui. No other offenses on record. I need to be in court on Tuesday, July,7th 2009 for a pre-trial conference.

Twin Falls, ID, 83301
was charged with dui and failure to maintain my vehicle due to a blowout and an accident on March 19th 2009. Looking to avoid jail time, first offense, clean record otherwise.

Ada, ID, 83705
this is my second dui offense in in approximately 6 years?, but need to be able to drive my vehicle to work, is this possible?

Ada, ID, 83706

Blaine, ID, 83353
i was charge with dui. I was not drunk but I was real upset and I was rude with the officers. I was working 18 hr a day for the hollydays and I had a glass of wine at my nite work in the restorant. I was serving wine and cleaning food and wine glasses, so I smell like a wine also. I also refused to take the breath test. Finnally my car was stuck in the snow before the police showed up. How much chances I have to win?

Kootenai, ID, 83816
Not sure what to do. This is my first offense.

Kootenai, ID, 83814
dui and open container w/ single car accident. no priors

Benewah, ID, 83851
my son was convicted of a felony drug charge in Benewah County District Court almost 2 years ago. He is enrolled in the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and should have been charged in Tribal Court. Based on State vs Ambro.

Payette, ID, 83655
I need help to get a reduce sentence for a DUI and another charge

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