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Johnson, KY, 41240
I received a DUI and operating without a license in Paintsville Ky. I am currently living and working in my original hometown in Pennsylvania. I have a court day on May 22nd in Paintsville KY and I am looking for a lawyer and I was hoping to find out more about your services. It is best to reach me by E-mail. Thank You

Lee, KY, 41311
2 duis in ohio, february .08 bac breath test, may 15 2012, .24 blood test; single car one passenger rollover open containers in car

Lee, KY, 41311
my friend has 2 pending duis up for trial in november; first was .08 feb. 2012, second .24 in may 2012. what is her best strategy and best and worst case scenarios?

Jefferson, KY, 40202
My brother is currently in jail for an aggravated dui with 4 assault charges. I am attempting to secure representation for him.

Calloway, KY, 42071

Whitley, KY, 40769
dui, cd, 2 no seatbelts

Barren, KY, 42167

Hardin, KY, 40160
please contact in ref to dui on 1 Jul 11. Arrainment scheduled for 11 Jul 11.

Daviess, KY, 42301

Ballard, KY, 42087
I tried to avoid a roadblock,(Safety checkpoint) because I knew I had drank 4 beers, But was not intoxicated, (I just got nervous) I also smoked marijuana about 2-3 hours prior to stop. A state trooper pulled me over after I made a turn to avoid the (safety check), road block, I admitted drinking beer, and admitted smoking marijuana 2-3 hours prior, even told the officer I had some roaches and a small amount of marijuana in my automobile, of course my eyes were red, also due to fatigue. Trooper Clark, advised me that he was one of only seventeen drug recognition experts in Kentucky. And told me if I did a breathalizer, alcohol test, and I didn't fail for .08 or more, he would cite me for the marijuana and send me home, which was less than half a mile away. I blew a .038, not even half the legal limit, He then rushed me to the hospital and told me if I refused blood or urine or both, I would get a felony. I obliged and took the test. which resulted in my 2nd dui charge in 5 years. the first was(June of 2006, 4 years and 10 months prior to this date, which was March 21st 2011. He also told me he is top dog in Kentucky for DUI's and he wished sometimes a lawyer would challenge him in court, said it would be a waste of my money and the courts time. I should save my money for the dui classes and fines( He said, if I say someone gets a DUI, that's what they get.) I asked why he said he would cite me for the marijuana and let me go, then took me to jail. He said it was his moral duty to get pot heads off the street. I started thinking that if anyones eyes are red, at a traffic stop, and they give blood and urine, even if they smoked a week prior, if it's in their system, wont they get a DUI? Please help me not get a 2nd DUI, I have no problem with the possession of marijuana charge, ( It is what it is) I go to court on April 18,2011 at 9:00 am, My job requires me to drive an extensive amount everyday. I am a father of 3, a tax payer, and smoke marijuana, for stress, nerves, and relaxation. I dont believe marijuana is even as harmful as alcohol. I feel confident with the right representation I have a fighting chance to not get my 2nd DUI. On the citation, there wasn't even a mention about the trooper making me submit to a breathalizer if that matters. They have already revoked my license as of today, March 28, 2011. I am so appreciative for any help you can provide.

Barren, KY, 42141

Adair, KY, 42728
Will explain to anyone with authority. Please contactact me.

Adair, KY, 42728
Will explain to anyone with authority. Please contactact me.

Calloway, KY, 42071
I was with a girl for about 14yr and I went to town to get a behindbite behind eat and I see her with her new sig other so I got up and left and went and bought a 6 pk of miller light and went to a park and drank about 2 1/2 beers and I sat and got upset for a hour or so and then I drove back to my home town and I had the beer in the car instead of the trunk I'm at a stoplight and I get a text so I read it when a truck honked at me 1 or twice and there was a cop behind him and I pulled in to a hair salon to get my hair cut I locked my car and went in and when 2sherrifs walked in and asked my name I told him so he asked me to come to the back of the salon shop then he asked me to stand with my hands at my side and 10in off the floor I got to 17 and then hevasked me to come outside with me and the other womanasked me about my medications I take suboxone 8 mg and Xanax 2 mg she asked me how much medication I've had to day and I told I follow the follow the directions on the bottle I take 3 Xanax 2 mg a day and suboxone 8mg 1sublingle 3 times a day so he told me that I'm underarrest I asked feat for he stated it's preety oviouious ans would not give me a reason I was never ready rights when I reminded him later that I need to make a phone call and I still have not neemn read my rights or offered an attoury

Boone, KY, 41042
Arrested on 12-8-2010, 1:00 am for DUI. BAC .197; 1st offense; no priors.

Jackson, KY, 40447
Was in a accident, where the other driver was injured, and it was her fault, I left the road to miss her, but I had been drinking, so I am charged with a felony. I am also charged with no insurance, tags, or license.

Bullitt, KY, 40165
I was arrested and charged with a DUI on Oct 2, 2010 after failing filed tests. My BAC was .09 upon arrest and .012 20 min later at the county jail. I stayed overnight and was released with $1000 bond the following day. I am to appear in court Thursday Oct 9,2010. I have a clean record, I just received my Masters with a 4.0 and up until this day I rarely drank and I was always the designated driver (which prob helps to explain why after 5 hrs and only 3-4 drinks my BAC was still so high). Regardless, I will do anything to have this reduced. I am just starting a career in my profession and I will attend any workshop, pay any fines, or take a urine sample everyday for the rest of my life if need be.

Rowan, KY, 40351
Charged with aggravated dui

Warren, KY, 42104
No Breathalizer before being arrested, never given results of blood test, never read Miranda rights.

Woodford, KY, 40383
I need help from qualified people.

Woodford, KY, 40383

Daviess, KY, 42301
Need a lawyer to represent me in my dui case.

Kenton, KY, 41015

Hardin, KY, 42701
florida revocation.4th offence

Pike, KY, 41502
i have been charged with theft and dui can you help

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