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Wayne, MI, 48170
Minor accident with front car at Red stop. Cop came and action test. Blood test in police office. Result not comessential up. Cops said I refuse the alcohol test, but I did not. I am not native speaker, so it seems like they misunderstood.

Saginaw, MI, 48602
son received open intoxicant in vehicle in Saginaw,

Oakland, MI, 48067
Two Dui's

Ottawa, MI, 49423
driving under intoxicated having a minor 13 years old for the first time

Lenawee, MI, 49221
Received an OWI on 8/19/12. was leaving nascar race, pulled over for no reason, passed feild sobriety test and blew a .09 on the breathalizer.

Washtenaw, MI, 48176
My son got a dui in saline mi for pot they did a blood test it will take two weeks to get it back do we need lawyer now or wait for the pre hearing he is 26 dec 2nd and his 1st time and only time.

Kent, MI, 49548
I have a couple duis from 2005 looking to get my license back..

Berrien, MI, 49120
drunk driving possesion of hand guns while intoxicated

Calhoun, MI, 49017
I was going 5mph over the speed limit

Keweenaw, MI, 49950
i was stuck in snow on shoulder of U.S. HWY41 approx. 12:30 am, 3-6-11 when officer Pelli arrived, and administered several sobriety tests, PBT (BAC .14). Subsequently arrested and BAC DataMaster results were BAC .12

Shiawassee, MI, 48817

Ogemaw, MI, 48661
arrested 12/11/10 POM, OWI, DWLS. At least 4th OWI within 10 yrs. Spent 23 mo. in prison from 2003-2005 for 3rd OWI, DWLS. Just now accepting help, raped by a priest when I was 9 and details are just now coming to the surface. I know I am responsible for my actions, but I drink to get rid of the demons in my head. I do now feel that I'm in a better place and want to stop my discructive behavior.

Wayne, MI, 48236
Car traveling in west bound lane on FRoslyn near Goethe st, came on eastbound side of road slightly due to a parked vehicle on street,hit my auto mirror with theirs. We both stopped to review damage which was minor only to my driver side mirror. A neighbor in the area came out and called the police. Ihad been out to dinner at a local bar/ restaurant with a friend earlier. The police arrived and asked mr to take a few tests for impaired driving. Did a walk and leg stand test. The officer asked me to take a blow test after he read the alcohol and substance declaration. I signed the form and the gave the blow test. It showed 1.1. The then cuffed me with zip line and placed me in a police car and took me to the station. Took all personal items from me, and le me to another breathalyzer machine the machine waited a long time but registered 0. They redid the test and the mouthpiece came out of the tube, tried again and it registered .12. They placed me in a cell and explained the bond process. Gave me a blanket and left. I laid down for a few hours. They came back an retested breathalyzer, hand held a blue light came on and registered 6.1%. posted bond $500 and &50 surcharge Fee. Had exit papers and all personal item returned with Lieutenant. Released me and he gave me a ride home, since my vehicle was impounded.

Kent, MI, 49321
This is my first offense..I was double the limit.

Branch, MI, 49036
I was convicted in 2006 on my second Dui, then denied by the state in 2009 to get my license back. I am looking for an attorney to fight my case in our local court.

Isabella, MI, 48858
owi on wed the 25th of august. bac .23

Chippewa, MI, 49783
pull oover on orv trail the paece officer put on citation owi but on court paper work they have dui 3rd offence

Chippewa, MI, 49783
dui 3rd offence on off road viehicle but the citatin says owi

Manistee, MI, 49613
I just got my 3rd dui. in the last 3 years i would say. I truely do not have alot of myoney to pay up front cost for a lawyer becouse of the fact that i have a little girl at home on life support and she pretty much takes up alot of my money but how ever i can do bi weekly payments to someone who can help me out with this problem. I am affraid if i sit along time in jail i may lose my little girl i am looking into getting help with AA or a rehab also. Please someone help me PLEASE i am begging.

Wayne, MI, 48224
owi in grosse pointe

Grand Traverse, MI, 49686
I have had no License since 2001. I have had no affences, Been of Probation for 7 yrs. I live in Florida now how do I get my License Back

Calhoun, MI, 49029
3rd dui.drove about 1/4 mile before coming to a stop in my drive way.No resisting in anyway not even swearing.My face was smashed into the ground hard enough to split my fore-head.bad back + heart problems i was refused my heart medicine.never heard my rights

Genesee, MI, 48430
I am looking for a lawyer to represent me when i go for my DAAD appointment

Emmet, MI, 49706
Charge DUI third

Washtenaw, MI, 48197
OWI. Arresting agency was Ypsilanti PD. I finish probation for my 2nd M.I.P. 2/21/10

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