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Hennepin, MN, 55305
Took daughter and a friend to Ridgedale- a mile and a half from home- on Saturday. Had 2 drinks at home while making dinner. The girls called to be picked up, but the mall was closing and were having trouble finding the meeting place. Drove to Ridgedale in my pajamas and didnt see the kids. Got concerned and realized I didn't have my phone. I stopped mall security, who let me in the mall to look for them in my pajamas. They called Minnetonka police to help search, and I was arrested for DUI in my pajamas.

Freeborn, MN, 56007
3rd DWI in 10 yrs. Blew .225. Court on Dec 30.

Hennepin, MN, 55487
A lady was swerving all over the road on the highway. Almost hitting several people. She had a Wisconsin license plate (719 REW). She was driving a blue Lincoln and she just entered Hennepin Avenue at 10:54 am.

Hennepin, MN, 55429
Was arrested and charged with 4h degree Dwi and i was booked and released with a court date given. My license wasnt clipped and i was told it wasnt suspended and i didnt get any paperwork to advise of this. This is my first time and im lookng for assistance with a budget or someone todirect me to a affordable lawyer or pro bono.

Hennepin, MN, 55441
Blew over .08 in field and wanted blood test asked repeatedly but they wouldn't let me only piss or breath. I asked for which ever more accurate was told both same. They did give me time to contact lawyer before submitting to breathalizer. I knew I couldn't afford one at the time and told the officer the lawyer a friend of the family i wanted wasn't in the yellow pages or phone book they said to use which is true because out of curiosity I had looked prior and not even under information oddly enough. I looked anyway and found to no surprise he wasn't in there. then I broke down and said can you help me which made me sound weak and incapable but I really wanted her to help me by some means perhaps a minnesota bar # she the officer refused. it has been several court appearances now with a public defender which i have no faith in and have shared it with him the case has been continued till august to find my own lawyer, the last carrying my medical records in hand because i have gerd and my records indicate that it's bad I hardly have any sphincter or closure after the esophogus at all. is there any failure of implied consent on their part not helping me by some other means. this is Hennepin County.

Swift, MN, 56215
first offense; first reading breath test .00; second test .17; Not allowed to leave station even when brother came to get me; 4th degree DWI ticket.

Saint Louis, MN, 55792
had a incident were i past out while driving coming out of a alley n ended up on a snow bank ,k law enforcers ,didnot arrest me but had me do test prove that i was under influence ,so the got blood work done n it came back with a perscribe medicine i take for back pain so i get a letter from dps saying my liscence is revoked

Beltrami, MN, 56601
I blew a .20 and need a lawyer. I also need for it to not break the bank more than necessary. If you think you can help, please send me an email. Thanks, Maggie

Roseau, MN, 56751
was picked up at customs for a DUI, blew what the MN Highway patrol said was "double the legal limit" and a half hour later I blew a 1.3. I asked for a blood test at customs and at the time of booking and never got one. I even offered to pay for one.

Hennepin, MN, 55369
I recently plead guilty to my second DUI in Minnesota, a gross misdemeanor, served my time and paid the fine. The only thing I have left to do is the class. I now live in Virginia, and got a VA license after the DUI in June before I was in court. So as of right now I still have a valid VA driver's license. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent losing my VA license as I assume Minnesota will inform Virginia.

Hennepin, MN, 55343
i was convicted of a dwi in 2003 and 2008 and on probation and got another one in 2010 in july 28th and spent 12 days in jail got out with conditions of a alchol sencor and 500. dollars bell and have to go to cout 8-16-2010 and i need a cheap lawyer

Wright, MN, 55313
4th Degree DWI I had 2 1/2 glasses of wine and slept for 2 1/2 hours prior to driving home. I am currently on medication for bronchitis that may have affected the outcome of my breathalizer. I am also on ambien (sleep aid), Lexapro (antidepressant). I have 2 broken toes on my right foot that I did tell the officer about prior to doing the field test.

Aitkin, MN, 56431
I was pulled over for 911 calls alleging erratic driving. I was pulled over by a State Trooper in Aiken county. I was driving on prescribed drugs for ADD and ultimately ended up in the psych ward in Brainerd Mn hospital. I feel I was seized wrongfully

Washington, MN, 55128
I am being charged with a 2nd degree dwi and I don't want you to beat the case I just want you to lessen the charges. I am on social security and only get a certain amount each month. I am looking for someone with a 5-$600 retainer fee.

Stearns, MN, 56377
i'm getting charged with a 3 rd dui and i was wondering what i can be charged for

Blue Earth, MN, 56001
First offense and the only other violation on my record is a speeding ticket in ND in the winter of 04. I am also a student within the local college in town.

Stearns, MN, 56301
Recently charged with 4th degree DUI

Isanti, MN, 55008
was arrested on 9/10/09

Benton, MN, 56329
My husband, Tom was arrested this morning for DUI. He is currently incarcerated and has court Monday morning at 11:15 am. This will be his second offense. Last one being 8 years ago. I wasn't present for this arrest but was told by the officer that he swurved by an officer on foot and pulled into the driveway and a K-9 unit was sent after him. He had to go to the ER for stitches. The officer said he resisted arrest. This all was at his property. Can you help us get through this. He needs his license to work to support his four children. Amanda

Todd, MN, 56453

Anoka, MN, 55303
DWI charge on 1/17/09 in Blaine

Martin, MN, 56031
I live in Mankato, Mn. I got a DWI Saturday December 13 in Fairmont, Mn. My court date is December 30. I need a good lawyer and fast. Please help me. Thank you for your time.

Anoka, MN, 55433
This is my seconed dui/dwi, and im only 19 yrs old. The first one was in feb. 2008. I cant afford to loose my license for a long period of time or go to jail. I have a 4 yr old daughter to take care of, I just got my first apartment, i work and go to school, an i need my freedom of both to take care of my everyday schedule.

Beltrami, MN, 56601
3rd degree DUI first court date 11/2/08

Carver, MN, 55317
.08 15 year old child in car, last dwi 1988

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