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Saint Francois, MO, 63640
8 years ago was charged with 4th and 5th dui class d and felonies. Due to no legal council on priors they were dropped down to misdemeanors. Now I have been arrested for refusal twice in one month and am being charged with class d and c felonies

Stone, MO, 65737
Dwi family member

Cass, MO, 64078
I got a DUI in peculiar MO. I was barely over .08 (I think it was .085). I didn't fully stop at a stop sign, I wasnt wearing a seatbelt and they gave me a driving while suspended ticket. However I did not know I was suspended. My bail was $500 and I got a bondsman. Thanks

Saint Louis city, MO, 63103
He got a DUI. Lives in Southern IL.

Pulaski, MO, 65583
i got a dui on 4 july and have court on 24 aug i need to get this reduced i am in the army and i i am leaving soon to reclass

Johnson, MO, 64093
This is for my step-son; I'm just questioning things while possibly searching for an experienced DUI attorney. Firt off, my step-son received a DUI in about 1984 as a 16 year old. Another between 1999 and 2001, not sure when it was. A few days ago, while riding his motorcycle, he was involved in a single accident. He believed a vehicle pulled out in front of him, he hit his brakes and went into the ditch, tumbling many times and injuring himself. In the ambulance, they did not administer him a breath analyzer or blood test; a blood test was performed about 4 hrs later at the hospital. We are still waiting on any summons in the mail. One additional problem is a witness. The witness is a police officer who claims he heard the motorcycle coming, then heard it decellerating, sliding sideways, then flipping over and over in the ditch. I spoke to him, and he mentioned that he was a trained "observer" and their was not a vehicle anywhere near him. I don't believe that. I know for fact that there are test that are given to evaluate their perception and most of the do or don't see things that are or aren't in the visual presentations. The measurable skidmarks in the gravel on the side of the road are 36" before the ditch; speed limit is 35 MPH. IF he had anythin to drink, we are hoping that it was diluted enough or out of his system from the fluid they injected him with during the approximately 4 hrs before the blood test. Based on this information, do you have an opinion of what may happen? 1) 1984, 2) 2000, 3) unknown at this time. I know the max can be $5 ears , or $5,000 or both, but what do you think? He works for the city of Warrensburg, married, 2 children, 6 1/2 and 3 1/2; no other arrests. THank you.

Audrain, MO, 65265
pulled over for failure to drive w/h headlamps on. Performed 3 roadside sobriety tests was given roadside breathilizer was then arrested for DWI refused breathilizer while in custody

Gasconade, MO, 65066
work at a SATOP

Saint Charles, MO, 63385
She has had two duis. She didn't blow the first time. She doesn't know what was the BAC the second time. She has missed all the hearings. There is a warrant out for her arrest.

Howell, MO, 65775
its my first dui i need help with i have to be able to get to work every day can you help me im not sure what i need to do

Vernon, MO, 64772
i got a 3 dwi felony 6 years ago...all im needing is for the "felony" part off my record so i can hunt with guns again thanks

Saint Charles, MO, 63304
I was pulled over at hwy K at 40 and arrested for DUI. I blew a .167. I have signed up for the weekend intervention program through SATOP. My court date is 4/27/2010

Pike, MO, 63334
I was pulled over in Feb for a tail light being out and was then made to take a breath test, field test, urine test, and blood. i don't do drugs and i wasn't drinking. I had a field test on a slanted surfaces. I haven't been able to hear what they have for results but it should be thrown out but i would still like to have a defense lawyer in case.

Texas, MO, 65483
A felony would ruien my famlies, and my future.

Texas, MO, 65483
A felony would ruien my famlies, and my future.

Saint Louis, MO, 63134
i want 2 kno how much this is going 2 cost my numbers are 1.1

Jackson, MO, 64106
Currently incarcerated in Moberly Correcitonal Facility. Received 5 years as Class B Felony Offender. Received ineffective assistance of counsel---missed hearings, continuances; discovery not submitted, etc. Please call me as soon as possible to discuss my uncle's case. Thank you. Sherrie Collins.

Saint Francois, MO, 63640
I was arrested for dwi and failure to maintain a single lane. This will be my 3rd, although I have never actually been charged with dwi. I have a full time job and 2 children.

Jackson, MO, 64050
First time DWI got 3 days ago no traffic tickets in last 20 years no other offenses got from Lee's Summit, MO police need to decide what to do

Greene, MO, 65806

Saint Louis, MO, 63017
Blew .126

Jackson, MO, 64055
I need to find a DUI/DWI attorney that is willing to work on a payment plan for the retainer. I have a court date setup for 1/13/09..Please help. Thanks,

Pulaski, MO, 65584
need help

Vernon, MO, 64772
i was pulled over for speeding, but i was at a big party the night before,and i left the party around 1 am. i slept till 8 am. that morning i was pulled over 832 am. and blew at the legal limit. i was not drinking at the time i was still drunk frome night before

Jackson, MO, 64108

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