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Henderson, NC, 28792
Received citation to appear in court for speeding (86 in a 55). I reside in Ohio and need a local lawyer to represent me. Court date is August 27, 2014.

Chatham, NC, 27312
In this particular situation, the person was pulled over because the police stayed to the driver that he was pulled over because someone called in on the driver and said he did not have license and was driving so the police stated that the person gave him the description of the vehical and was waiting on him to leave his destination so once the driver was leaving the street he was on and headed to his next destination the police came from no where and pulled him over with no probable cause except for a the fact that someone called in and said he was driving without license with is not a legal probable cause....

Surry, NC, 27030
i pulled stopped in median early am lost near dobson; state police responded to call of car in median. upon arrival issued dui, reckless driving and open container. i'm from Maine, never been stopped in NC before. court date is March 7th; want to postpone and see what options i have.

Johnston, NC, 27577
loss my DL for 3 dwi and 1 licens revoc 16 yers ago my les tiket DLR in 2000 i benn in i heringhs 4 -5 times is been denaid my les herrin is benn olmos 3 yers ago im not geve eny tikets since 200o o eny problem in the law tk for u time

Cabarrus, NC, 28025
On August 3,2012, I went to get me some food from this restaurant/bar and as I was leaving, I was pulled over by the police. He got out of his car and told me he had stopped me because I was swerving. I asked him was he sure and he replied yes, he then ask me for my license I gave him my license he went back to the car then came back and ask me have I been drinking, I told him I had one glass of beer. He then asked me to step out of the vehicle, I stepped out he took me on the other side of the vehicle and started to do his field test. I told him I had on hills and he had me walk the line barefoot, then he proceeded with the vision. I'm guessing I must have passed the field test, because that's when he said he wanted me to take a breath test. The first one didn't show anything, then he took another which suddenly read . 16. I was shocked and asked him was he sure I only had one beer, he said yes and said I was arrested.We get to the police station, he decided to do four more test, the first three didn't nothing come up. He said I wasn't blowing hard enough, he then said this is my last try and if I don't blow even harder he was going to have to take me to the hospital and they would proceed to draw blood. I told him I was blowing hard as I can he told me to try harder so I blew again and then it read .16 again. I told him that the machine was fixed and he told me it wasn't. I mention how many times I had to blow just so you could get a reading. He then told me I was under arrest and started reading me my rights. Then I was tooking to the other side to get processed and I asked them how long do I have to be here to leave they told me it will be awhile at least until my BAC went down. Now as I was waiting (over a hour or so) they finally let me make a phone call and told me I can have someone pick me up. They did another test and it said the same reading .16. I believe that the machines they were using is faulty. And just when I was waiting for them to let me go in comes another guy who was at the same restaurant/ bar. He told me he was charge with the same thing. That is no coinicidence, I was told they do this every weekend at this particular restaurant/bar. I would like to know if the officer had probable cause to even stop me in the first place.

Rockingham, NC, 27320
DUI from 1995...would like to get NCDL back...ASAP

Onslow, NC, 28542
I had a dui case in 2003. Its been over 8 years. I now live in Ct. I need my license released from NC. I guess they have some law that keeps your license suspended indefinite. I was stationed in Camp Lejeune at the time of the suspension. Please advise.

Columbus, NC, 28456
out of state suspended licence, DE. date unknown. i need licence for work, take my children to school and family doctor, grocery

Surry, NC, 27017
I come from a poor family & made a mistake that I deeply regret. Im in the process of moving to Orlando, FL on March 3rd for a job. My court date is Feb. 27th. I just want to get all this behind me!

Randolph, NC, 27248
3 dui convictions in 7 years

Cumberland, NC, 28304
DWI on 18 November 2011

Cherokee, NC, 34761
i need a very good criminal defense attorney who specializes in death cases. my freind was charge with dwi and death by motor vehicle. she is from florida and out on bond living and wirking in northcarolina

Rockingham, NC, 27326
questunable equimpemt calabrated 8/27/2011 blew 1.8

Haywood, NC, 28716
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Yadkin, NC, na
need consultation on my dwi arrest on 6/25/11.i am from florida and recieved this dwi while traveling thru.thank you

Guilford, NC, 27407
I would like to file an appeal in my DWI case...this is my first infringment. I did not plea guilty nor did I have a trial but I was found guilty based on the factual evidence. My attroney never wanted to go to trial and was very unhelpful.

Guilford, NC, 27407
I was leaving campus (North Caroling A&T State University) and I was pulled over for speeding by campus police. I had a cup that contain white wine prior to me being pulled over. I refused to do a field test but I did blow a .11 once I was taken downtown. I have a lawyer, who I'm not satisfied with...at all. I was found guilty, even though I did not go to trial or plead guilty. I just realized that I can appeal, so that is what I'm interested in doing. I need an attroney who will fight for me since my current lawyer did not.

Onslow, NC, 28584
My license is being revoked for errors on the alcohol box that was installed in my car for 3 years. I want to know if I can get a limited driving privlege to get back and forth to work. I work 6-7 days a week. Thanks

Onslow, NC, 28545
On Jan 17th around 1:30 am I was pulled over for an improper left turn which i disagree happened. I was that given a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I blew a .08 on the breathalyzer. I was then placed under arrest and taken to jail. While there I respectfully declined to sign any paperwork and answer any questions.

Iredell, NC, 30034

Cabarrus, NC, 28025
I need help with an accident with no other cars or personal injuries for my soon to be 18 year old son that has never had a traffic violation , ranks one of the top 10 in his class, and is scheduled to go to Chapel Hill in the fall. I want him to encounter some consequences but not have this scar for the rest of his life. I am considering not replacing his car and not allowing him to get his license back for at least 6 months no matter what the court decides.

Guilford, NC, 27401
I was pulled in parking lot last night after leaving a bar and grill. I was afraid to blow because I had 2 dui s 8 years ago. Should I admit myself in for alcohol acessment. What from a legal standpoint should it do next. I am mentally at the end of my rope.

Wake, NC, 27526
driving after consuming alcohol under 21

Nash, NC, 27804
I got arrested for my second dui on saturday morning, october 23rd. My first one is still pending. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, cause I can't lose my job. It's all I have left. I've addmitted I have a problem with alcohol. I need help. Thank you for your time.

Forsyth, NC, 27106
call me

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