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Butler, NE, 68632
Was sited with DUI, Refusal, assault while parked in dec of 2015, did not get pulled over, keys were not In ignition, and I had no access to keys. case is set for jury trial, however I have a court appointed attorney at this time. I feel Im not being represented fully.. I want to discuss with another attorney my situation and ability to retain at this point.

Cass, NE, 68048
I was convicted of a DUI in cass county. I recieved a 15 year revocation with no probation. It was jan. of 2009 so it was before all the law changes. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done now to get any kind of permit or some way to drive. I don't understand when they change all these laws that the people arrested before a certain date are pretty much helpless. Can I hire a lawyer to petition the DMV or anything?

Adams, NE, 68901
I have 2 dui's from 2004. I've been trying to change my life for my 2 daughters and for the better. I just found a great house to rent and finally purchased a nice and safe car for me and my kids. I had a few beers at a friends house, I didn't feel comfortable driving home, so I stayed. I woke up at normal time (about 4:00am) and thought it would be fine to go home. I had some work to do there and wanted to get an early start on it. On my way home, I swerved to miss 2 large racoons and went off the road about 3 feet. No black marks, no accident, just stuck on snow and ice. Some people I did not know stopped and tried to help. In that time, an Adams Sheriff stopped and said he could smell alcohol and asked me to do a sobriety test. I had a bac of .125. My license is my life. I would really appreciate any help at all. I'm hurting very badly because of my mistake. Thank you.

Douglas, NE, 68183
Pulled over while being under the influence of alcohol.

Hall, NE, 68801
dui and resisting arrest

Douglas, NE, 68127
third degree sexual assault (friends-girl nearing her 16th birthday-boy 23 years of age

Gage, NE, 68310
Don't want a second offence on my record. I am in the process of changing my life. Moving to Lincoln to got to college, and work part-time.

Red Willow, NE, 69101
neeed a clearance letter from Oberlin Ka

Keith, NE, 70560
i was issued a dui on dec 3 2009 in ogallala and need legal help

Box Butte, NE, 69301
I am seeking counsel in order to determine if my DUI case is worth fighting with a lawyer. My BAC was .14, and it was my first offense. The report has serious discrepencies with the actuall footage of the arrest, and I wonder if the patrolman had just cause to pull me over, but since my BAC was well over the .08 it might be difficult for a jury to dismiss that over wether or not he should have pulled me over.

Cherry, NE, 69201
i need an attorney

Lancaster, NE, 68508
i came to nebraska for a visit and got arrested for dui and blew a .097 i was wondering if i could get it reduced to a wreckless driving ticket.

Cheyenne, NE, 69160
The phone # above is for the motel I'm staying at. The alternate # is my cell, but I have no service where I'm at which is Kimball,NE. My court date is 03/09/09 at 9:00 AM in Sidney. You can reach me either at the motel # or by email. Thank you.

Platte, NE, 68601

Lancaster, NE, 68521
First offense DUI.

Madison, NE, 68701
2 dui hit a house

Cass, NE, 68048
I am from the Grand Island area, and was arrested for Aggravated DUI in Cass County.

Gage, NE, 68310
Arrested for DUI and Refusal.

Douglas, NE, 68105

Douglas, NE, 68164
arrested for dui, along with it i recived a ticket for reckless driving and violation of a park rule. it was snowwy out and we went through a soccer field but were not arrested actually drivin when we saw the cop by the park we got out of vehicle and tried to cross acreek by foot

Washington, NE, 68008
occurred Sat Dec 1st/1st Offense DUI

Lancaster, NE, 68522
it is in york county court i have to enter a plea tommorrow morning at 9am

Keith, NE, 69153
Sentencing court date is Nov. 26th at 1:00 P.M. in Ogallala Nebraska. I live in Westminster Colorado.

Sarpy, NE, 68123
This is my first DUI offense. I was denied my license at the ALR hearing and have a pending court date on 12 Dec. My past record from many years ago resulted in my not being accepted into the diversion program, however I had already sought treatment privately prior to notification of the denial. I am trying to find out how much it will cost to hire representation and if I can afford it.

Buffalo, NE, 68845
DUI, refused chem test. I work at the hospital where the chem test is performed and did not want to appear there in handcuffs. I did not realize that I would lose my license for a year and not be able to contest this.

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