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You are viewing DUI Lawyer inquiries for the state of New Hampshire.
Grafton, NH, 03766
DWI Second offence.

Strafford, NH, 03878
I got a DUI on Feb 3rd, The cops are harassing me again, I was with my friend Bill Mon Feb 27th night and Bill was pulled over because the State Trooper saw me. He then tried to arrest me, When I went to court the cop told the judge I blew a 1.7 on the Breathalyzer test when I didn't I blew a 1.2, a 1.7 is an Aggravated DUI and is a Felony of 1 year in jail. I WAS NOT drunk when he left the bar and wasn't swerving, I passed the field sobriety test but failed the breathalyzer. The judge is trying to put me in jail for a year, I WAS NOT swerving that night nor slurring my speech and I need a GOOD LAWYER cus the state of NH is trying to Screw me OVER. I have NO IDEA how I'm gonna prove the cops are harassing me, They had pulled me over for a supposed suspended license but when I called the DMV they said it was a mistake they made and reinstated my license. Had they not pulled me over for that I would never have gotten a DUI, they're trying to find ways to arrest me and put me in jail for a year. I'll loose my job and everything else, I need to go to Illinois in May to do a job if I go to jail I won't be able to and I plan on moving with my friend Becky soon after that job is done

Belknap, NH, 03247
I was charged with a dwi on 1/20/2012

Belknap, NH, 03247
I was charged with a dwi on 1/20/2012

Cheshire, NH, 03431
Looking for assistance for an aggravated DUI. I have nothing else on my record, this is my first offense. My work requires lots of driving, so I am hoping there is some kind of conditional license.

Coos, NH, 03576
arrested for dui, second offense, resisting arrest and possession

Hillsborough, NH, 03101
My court date is for jan of 08

Coos, NH, 03584
the keys nor i not in car when police arrived. found lock box with leaf grinder and scale. also empty alcohol container in back seat

Coos, NH, 03598
DUI arrest 10/2/07 Whitefield NH I am a NH resident & MA firefighter. Please Help submitted blood sample

Merrimack, NH, 03106
i am scheduled to appear in court in berlin on october 2nd at 8 am. i refused breathalizer. had a prior 10 years ago

Hillsborough, NH, 03071
I am looking for lawyers that offer free consultations.

Hillsborough, NH, 03071
My boyfriend was arrested and charged with drunk driving. He was actually outside of his parked car at the time. He refused a test. What are his options

Strafford, NH, 03820
When I asked why I was pulled over, I was told I crossed a center line, though I was not ticketed for this. My CT license was suspended back in 2001. I had served this sentence, with classes, fines etc. Honestly, I just havent had time to renew my license since moving to NH last year. My CT license expired in 2002, and that is what I showed the policeman. I do not nor ever had a NH license, but like I said, it was not an acitve suspension...I was able to renew a license in Sept of 2005, and just never did...so I was written up for OAS

Grafton, NH, 03755
looking for DUI attorney, single car accident 10/21

Merrimack, NH, 03242
First and only DUI arrest on 10/1/06.Clean driving record .08 NJ license Arraingment Nov. 2

Hillsborough, NH, 03061
I was arrested on August 3rd at about 12:30am and my BAC came up to 0.18. Any help would be very much appreciated as I cannot afford to have this on my record.

Sullivan, NH, 03743
Arrested on 8/5/06. Submitted to breathalyzer, but my paperwork says failed to submit to testing?! What does this mean. I did decline the blood test but I allowed them to do the breathalyzer. Now they're charging me with failure to submit charges. Is this normal?

Rockingham, NH, 03801
dui 2nd offense, driving w/ a suspended licese

Strafford, NH, 03867
dui 2nd offense, driving w/ a suspended licese

Rockingham, NH, 03848
Got a DUI in NH on 6/18/06, but hold a MA driver's license (live in MA). Court date set for August 11, 2006. Rec'd a temporary 30day NH license and then suspension following. Need an attorney's advise asap. BAC was .12.

Sullivan, NH, 03743
i was arrested for dwi and i need help to keep my license to keep my job. court date june 26 in claremont

Belknap, NH, 03246
Ipulled over on rt.28 in the late afternoon to nap and was awakened by an ambulence Emt. He was checking my insulin I think he said. Alton police came and took me to Huggins Hospitol for a breath test (or blood test) I do not know the results. I was released to my husband and go to court July 6. I have been pursuing AA for a year and had a short relapse. I was arrested 10 years ago for the same.

Rockingham, NH, 03079
This person is in MA but got a dui in NH.

Rockingham, NH, 03079
This guy is a resident of MA and got a speeding ticket in NH going 97 miles per hour. He needs to appear in court. (note by David Sheehan at DUI Defenders)

Grafton, NH, 03766
If you lose your licince for a year can you some how go to the motor vechile after 6 or 9 month and have ahearing to see if you can get it .So you can work .Befor you lose every things .Thanks Polly

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