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Union, NJ, 07202
Want to know about his case

Monmouth, NJ, 08610
Had not had a drop of alcohol and do not do drugs. Period. But I was tired, and eyes irritated (I am a swimming coach at a private school and swim in a chlorinated pool) Pulled over Interstate en route home from nightschool (work two jobs plus go to school). Cop shone high intensity flashlight in my eyes, then conducted field sobriety test. He spoke very quickly and I didn't fully understand what he was asking me. I asked him to repeat, he then slapped cuffs on me and took me to barrack for Breathalyzer and peep test. I was then issued 4 tickets including DUI. Knowing I was ripped off by this very rude and aggressive cop, I immediately went to the hospital and had a medical screening (gave blood and urine) which came back all zeros for alcohol or drugs. I'm an older college student (28) and have precious little $$$ to pay for defending this trumped up charge.

Hudson, NJ, 07306

Salem, NJ, 08069
Was convicted of 3rd dui. Sentenced to 180days. Lost of license for 11yrs. Is there any way I can get my license back before that? Was never convicted of 2nd. Will explain..

Salem, NJ, 08069
Convicted of 3rd dui. Did 6 months. How can I get my license back.

Burlington, NJ, 08060
1994 charged with third dui came back now to resolve

Bergen, NJ, 07646
sad to say dont remember anything but geting charged with a dui on sat night

Cape May, NJ, 08260
Pulled over in Wildwood for doing 41 in a 25. breathylyzer showed .9 would like to have this downgraded to driving while impaired. Can't afford to lose licence. Clean record. I'm 52 with no prior record.

Burlington, NJ, 08016
Too lengthy please call me

Bergen, NJ, 07430
Pulled over 430 am for license plate light out and was charged with dui. Arrested and blew a .08.

Camden, NJ, 08084
I got arrested for a DUI on Saturday night (5/14/11). I blew a .22 on the breathalizer. I dont have much money, but if we can work out a payment plan, I can comply.

Sussex, NJ, 07460
pulled over Sunday on rte 206 in Augusta nite

Sussex, NJ, 07460
pulled over Sunday on rte 206 in Augusta nite

Sussex, NJ, 07460
Pulled over Sunday night- in Augusta NJ

Passaic, NJ, 07522
First time dui breath test I belive to be. Between .08 and .10 stopped because of suspended license for parking tickets

Camden, NJ, 08078
Hi, I just recieved my first time offense of DUI in the state of NJ. I failed field test and blew 0.15 (so I was told). I am very worried about the consequences of this because I am a medical student. I was told it is a traffic violation in NJ and I can lose my license in that state but I am a PA license holder and if possible would not like to lose driving privileges in PA. Please let me know my rights in this situation and how I should proceed.

Hunterdon, NJ, 08822
I have a CDL license. I was in my personal vehicle and hit a parked car. I was given tickets for careless driving ,leaving the scene, failure to report,and DWI BAC 0.08

Gloucester, NJ, 08093
I was convicted on three dui's(Oaklyn, Runnemede and Haddontwp). It's been two years since my last one and I was told from a lawyer there might be a chance, I could get my DL back earlier than 10 years. I haven't drank a drop since may 5th of 2009, that was the day I was incarcerated for six months. I'm on the right track now. I'm working, it would be alot easier if my wife didn't have to drop me off and pick me up everyday. If anyone can help, It would be greatly appreciated.

Ocean, NJ, 08087
I was arrested for DUI and careless driving in Port Republic.This happened on the pkwy this past june.I need representation by 10-25.

Camden, NJ, 08030
Had a few watching bb game.Was headed to another bar but decided not to go instead going to diner.Made u turn then got pulled over

Middlesex, NJ, 08816
DWI .23 Previous dwi .33 in other state

Somerset, NJ, 08880
charged with dui for the first time on 8/14/2010 in south bound brook,new jersey.I am from florida and also have a florida driver's license.Please help me out to get rid of this.the court hearing is in new jersey on 8/19/2010.

Ocean, NJ, 08527
Please contact me if you ever need to challange the School Zone Limits! I can provide professional testimony with regards to the location of school zones and confront any Police officer or engineer regarding this!

Camden, NJ, 08002
I got charged with a DUI this morning at 3:21am. I'm 22 years old and working at Campbell's Soup. I can't afford having this on my record. I'm still in college at Clemson so this could really hurt me.

Bergen, NJ, 07601
I was pulled over on a DWI checkpoint. I was wearing a cocktail dress, obviously coming from a party. I didn't have my documentation (license, registration, insurance) because I was carrying an evening bag. I was asked to walk a straight line, stand on one foot, etc. and fulfilled all requests. I was then given a breathalyzer, handcuffed and taken in. I was not mirandized until two hours later.

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