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New York, NY, 10025
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Queens, NY, 11004
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Queens, NY, 11004
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Orange, NY, 10916
arrest date 12/20/2014 have had 3 court appearances since then. The first without a lawyer, upon which the judge insisted I obtain one. The second two, the attorneys were only interested in me pleading to a dwai which is not true. I only had one beer. I have acid reflux, and wear invisalign braces. I am not guilty.

Kings, NY, 11207
1992 hold on license all kinds of stuff gooing on on ssi little to no money i am treated like a peice of .... i so upset nobody helps people anymore looking to get on fla news i will work untill i do no lawyer in fla do pro bono ready to go on facebook twitter anything to help nobody cares

Kings, NY, 11236
Nothing really

Kings, NY, 11207
Had a dui ln wpb in i think 1992 i went to get my license there is a hold on it from fla

Rockland, NY, 10970
I had my frist alcohol conviction reduced to a DUAI after two years in court in Oct. I was mandated to attend a class on Dec 4th at the Firemans House in Pomona. I forgot the date and went to dinner with some friends before and had a few drinks. My phone beeped and it was my calendar reminding me lof the appointment. I knew that I had to attend so I had a friend bring me there. I failed the breathalyzer and although not driving thee vehicle was given a DWI ticket and have to go to court. This will then be coonsidered a second offense which I find is unfair since I technically was not driving while under the influence. I really need help!

Suffolk, NY, 11967
3 dwi in 10 years

New York, NY, 10001
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New York, NY, 10001
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Oswego, NY, 13142

Otsego, NY, 13348
Aggravated DWI on 7/21/11. I was driving to neurologist when I was stopped by police because driver behind me called them because I was weaving. I am diabetic & was looking in purse for something to eat...I don't knopw how trhey could have come up with a breathalizer of 2.0...I only had a small screwdriver while I was getting ready + my medications. I MUST have this charge dismissed...I have already had enough problems in the past several years....I can't have this hanbging over my heaad as well. I am a widowed, disabled 58 year old woman who lives alone with my dog. I have no family or friends in the area. I am all alone...due to many betrayals over the years. I have not seen any attorneys listed in my area....Oneonta or Cooperstown NY. I have my first court date coming on Wednesday of this week, the 10th. I am hoping to have this date postponed until I find an attorney. I live on a fixed income...SSI, SSD & a Veteran's Pension (through my deceased husband). I hope you can help me. Thank You.

New York, NY, 10045
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New York, NY, 10022
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Wayne, NY, 14513
driving on Route 31 near lyons. pulled over for broken taillight; given sobriety test

Jefferson, NY, 13603
Pulled over for going 62 in a 55 and was given a field sobriety test. Was then told I was being placed under arrest and taken to the station where I blew a .28. This is my first offense, what do I need to do?

Nassau, NY, 11590
Wednesday 1/12/11 court date help me pls

Nassau, NY, 11590
Wednesday 1/12/11 court date help me pls

Kings, NY, 11201
I'm being charged with a DUI it's my first offense I'm a Florida resident here for the holiday and they have impounded my vehicle

Jefferson, NY, 13602
had went out to oswego with 3 of my friends came back from club had a sober driver my boy ortiz driving there and back weather was raining and crappy the gps re-routed us and my boy had done a 3 point turn to turn around and i guess he had drove to far into the grass and went to pull back and guess the wheels didnt have enough grip on them so the car had just dragged into the ditch. My friend Raphael and I had gotten out of the vehicle and got in front of it to push it out while my boy Ortiz had been trying to reverse the vehicle but the car just seemed to be digging into the ground. We all were out of the vehicle seeming that the car wouldnt go anywhere to just call out NCO's and chain of command to get a tow truck out there for us or come pick us up but no one would answer the phone. My boy Raph and Hamlin and I were under the influence but my boy Ortiz was sober who was driving the whole time. Well when we went to get back into the vehicle to sleep since we didnt have no where else to go we decided to just sleep in the car that was stuck in the ditch until morning time to wait for our NCO's to come pick us up. I had slept in the front sleep of the car in the drivers seat not thinking and all my friends crashed in the car too. I had gotten the keys from my boy ortiz because I needed the keys so if the tow truck driver had came. But when I was sleeping in the drivers seat the keys wernt in the ignition the car was off and stuck in the ditch and I was charged with a dui and I had even driven the car that whole night and my boys had told me they would write sworn statements for me for this case because I already have a pending dui under my belt and theres no way I was going to drive but the cop had thought different.

New York, NY, 10001
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Westchester, NY, 10704
I have been convincted of two dui's. The last one was approximatley 6 yaers ago. How do I get my license back now.

Clinton, NY, 12901

Westchester, NY, 10570
I ran out of gas 1AM in the morning. I waited about an hour to see what I needed to do, so I called 911 for help. Next thing I know two cop cars pull behind me. I need to speak then type all of what happened. Thanks

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