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Columbia, OR, 97051
Please contact to discuss, I sent in a DMV hearing request with reasons. I have been under severe duress from other officers in central oregon is why I was here after I was hospitalized. Low red blood cell, vitamin d deficiency.

Lane, OR, 97408
5 duii's... 4 of which I am guilty for. If u hear me I can explain. I am serious about trying to get my life back! I have full custody of my daughter whom I've had full custody of for 7 yrs. she is 10 yrs old custody is not an issue. I am tired of using the bus... It has been long enough... If murders can get off before I can drive then there is something wrong....

Multnomah, OR, 97060
Need representation for a DUII on 2-17-2013

Josephine, OR, 97526
got the duii 1 week ago and was not in the veichel was in my motel room cops came and knock on the door i told him not to come in my room call my lawyer cause the law states "tht you have to be in the veichel with keys in the ignishon with intent to drive" i never told him i drove. he said that he had witnesses that told him. do not know if that was true or not. again told him to contact my atty he then placed me under arrest. unless thy watched me on my windshield wipers which i know about the towers and you tube and the porn and the books i have not rec any money for nothing they down load it on cds and use it against people. req new lawyer that will continue my personal invation as i am american citizen born in torrance california on 8/27/1979. i do fell that i know there is ways to track ip addresses on phones and computers. so if you can please send me info on my req. thank you my address is 1630 williams hwy #42 grants pass OR 97527. thank you again

Linn, OR, 97321

Coos, OR, 97423
duii-cs.under the influnce of medical marijuana,legal other wise.medicated,1 hit over two hours before

Deschutes, OR, 94401
i live in washington and i am not sure how i should handle this as i really cant afford to have this on my record as i have never had one so if you could please tell me how to handle this i would be appreciate it.

Coos, OR, 97465
I was arrested 7/22/11 on suspected of driving under the influence. I refused the breath test and subsequently charged with refusing the test and driving under the influence...I now have to court appearances, one in Port Orford and one at Gold Beach....What's next

Deschutes, OR, 97701
Just got an owi and I need help

Curry, OR, 97415
Last dui was 13 years ago, but this is the third overal and the license has been revoked for life. Is a hardship work license available at some point? Is there any hope of the lifetime revocation being reversed at some point?

Marion, OR, 97080
i did got duii in 1992 and mooved to WA and did not go to court. I would like to clear it

Josephine, OR, 97526
Second offense within 5 years. Did not submit to a breath test.

Douglas, OR, 97457
pulled over for driving too slow it was at night in a dense fog the cop had his high beams on while following me i signaled to turn left he hit his lights i pulled ovr and he approached me said i was driving too slow and i had swerved i hadnt i took the sfsts becuase i had 3 beers in 3 or4 hours i had a knee injury wich made them hard he took me in and i blew a .08

Columbia, OR, 97051
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Columbia 11/22/10 DUI, Hit and Run Veh. Prop, Reckless Driving, 2 cts Recklessly Endangering and Criminal Mischief 1st degree. Scheduled to appear in court room 351 on 12/13/10 at 10:30. note that Officers failed to read me my rights.

Yamhill, OR, 97128
DUI in McMinnville; failed sobriety test, blew .22; reported by food service worker in McMinnville

Clackamas, OR, 97045
Pulled over because I crossed the yellow line on my motorclcle. Given step test and hold your foot up and count. Taken to Clackamas County and blow .11. First offince, on my Class A CDL Bike was not inponded.

Polk, OR, 97361
dui offense, refused breathe test, and reckless endangering

Baker, OR, 97814
I had a diversion 9/2001 I had a dui 4/2006 and on Sunday night I got another Dui

Washington, OR, 97116
I have a hearing on June 4th which is the first hearing of any type since my arrest. I can't really afford any attorney but would like to know what to expect.

Washington, OR, 97123
In 2006 I was arrested for DWS the officer found meth in my car and also gave me a field test to which I passed at the time of questioning I said I wanted to speak with atty he said that I was refusing to breath test in short I recieved 4 ticket's all except posession were no complainted. I went to get ODL mo's laterm and was informed I was suspended for 6yrs for refusing breath and UA and told could not request hearing. Then recently DMV told me I was elligable 4 hardship i payed all fines reinstatement all test filled sr22 purchased a car then was tols it was a computer mistake my letter from them clearly states a one year waiting period 4 each offense? if im reading the law correctley they cant impose more time? I have already spent thousands of $ and dont want to waste more if u think i have a case great! if not please advise so

Jackson, OR, 97504
I was arrested for DUII last Friday, taken to detox, and blew a .12 bal. This is my first offense, I also received a ticket for passing a stopped car at a crosswalk (even though the ped. had already stepped onto the sidewalk).

Linn, OR, 97322
charged with ORS 475.840(3B), 813.010,811.1401, 163.195, 807.570 First criminal offenses

Clackamas, OR, 97045
i got a dui and reckless drining. i hit 2 cars

Washington, OR, 97005
got a duii but blew under limit. blew a .07 3 hours later blew a .01 time of arrest was 11:30 1/29/2010. weather was cold, windy and raining. pulled over on hwy 26. officer said i failed field test.

Jackson, OR, 96039
Need to speak to a lawer who would be willing to work with me on pending case, next court date is Nov. 13. I have a court appointed attorney as of today.

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