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Grays Harbor, WA, 98563

Spokane, WA, 99207
I just need to know if in 2005 to get your Licence back after a DUI was there an Alcohol Assessment required.

Grays Harbor, WA, 98563
first dui or even ticket in over 25 years my case # is 4z829516 department of licensing hearing oct 15 2014 by phone 900am pre trial conference oct 31 200 pm montasano is there any thing you can do to help me

Pend Oreille, WA, 99156

Grant, WA, 98823
I got pulled over on sunday night and got a dui I blew a .082 at the station since I had no priors I got released, I do have other stuff on my record its a few years old non traffic related. not to sure ablout all the paper work I got there appears to be a dol. and a court issues

Cowlitz, WA, 98626
I was driving on lewis river road when i braked coming into a corner and slid on wet pavement and hit the guardrail causing a flat tire. While changing the flat tire a state patrol stopped and questioned me. The state patrol then gave me a field sobriety test which I failed because I have a pinched nerve in my neck and a bad back that keeps me from having very good balance. As a result I was arrested. When taken to woodland police station I refused the breathilizer test because I was pissed. I was taken to cowlitz county jail. I am scheduled to appear on tuesday May 28 at 9:00 am

Kitsap, WA, 98312
BAC = .065 g/100ml of ETOH, 1.0mg/L Zolipidem. collided with phone pole, taken to hospital. Don't remember anything until waking up in hospital. Happened on 6-24. Officer wrote down wrong address from license. Plus I have a different address than on license. Just got a phone call about the dui arraignment a week ago. Worried about when the dol hearing will start because of all of this. My arraignment is 11-28. Plan to plead not guilty but need help after that.

Snohomish, WA, 98037
3rd dui and probation violation. Court is on 1/11/12 at Lynnwood Municipal.

Pierce, WA, 98445
DUI complaints and indictment in south Dakota

Island, WA, 98277

Snohomish, WA, 98036
I was driving south on I5 a little after midnight around 128th st Exit around lynnwood when I got in a fender bender with the car in front of me. No one was injured and we were both insured, but thier car was significantly damaged so I called to report the accident to the police. When an officer arrived he said he needed to take me in. They took me to the DUI bus at Lynnwood PD and I blew above the limit. I have a ticket for speeding under conditions, my BAC results, and license is punched.

Snohomish, WA, 98037
suspended license, bac of .084

Spokane, WA, 99004
I am a poor college student, I have a public defender and am very disappointed in what he is doing for me which has so far been nothing. Can you help me?

Snohomish, WA, 98291
2 prior dui in past over 13+ years ago. Both were reduced. Also found marijuana and paraphernalia in my car. I was not held over night and was released to my family same night. I would be happy to explain more in person. Thank you

Cowlitz, WA, 98626
Second DUI I had one in 2007

Snohomish, WA, 98252
i got pulled over friday night/saturday morning at 230 am, officer said he pulled me over for the tint on the rear window of my vehicle. didn't observe me, just pulled out behind me and pulled me over within 100 yards. asked if i had been drinking, i said yes, did field sobriety test, blew a .160, then went back to the station and blew a .154

King, WA, 98022
arrested in Enumclaw, WA on 8/27/2010. initially pulled over for taking an illegal left turn. I have a CDL, and am a truck driver. I am my family's only form of income. I blew a 0.097 at the station.

Snohomish, WA, 98270

Snohomish, WA, 98270
got pulled over by being paced for a block or less for speeding. denied drinking, took no road side tests.and went to jail without being read my rights for over an hour. took the breathalizer and blew .134 was then released.

Whitman, WA, 99111
I would like to know the who has the highest winning percentage in dui cases

Mason, WA, 98584
Pulled over for accelerating to fast and slightly swerving on night of the 4th of July. smelled alcohol on breath. took field sobriety test. refused portable bac test. arrested. booked blew 1.3 on test at jail. already arraigned. plead not guilty. I have to go back on Aug. 3rd at 930 am shelton district court. Looking for an experienced affordable lawyer. Thaks

Grant, WA, 98848
18 years old, no previous, breathalizer .11

Pierce, WA, 98387
I got arrested on Saturday for a DUI on pacific avenue. I got pulled over because my friends lights on his van had a short and were not on. I passed field test, failed breathalize but not by much, neither of the people I was with could drive AT ALL. Cops were very nice. I am a mom and need my license. I got a negleint driving a few years ago. My husband is also laid off, so please don't call if you cost a arm and a leg or won't take payments.

Snohomish, WA, 98036
My license was punched and I was taken to Lynnwood Jail but was not booked. I have a ticket for speeding?? I am not sure what to do now?

Whatcom, WA, 98225
I was arrested the other night for dui & 2 counts of reckless endangerment. This is my first and I am freaking out! If you can help please call.

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